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  1. Tod Brilliant

    Not to criticize you for promoting fitness, but….ONE centenarian (and not even a very advanced one) mentions yoga and you make a link to longevity? Uh….what about dancing barefoot? Or eating cereal?

    Not one comprehensive study has been done linking yoga to longevity. If you’re interested in a long healthy life, try researching the people of the Caucasus mountains. No coffee, not a lot of meat…Abkhazians I think they’re called. While undocumented, they claim dozens of people who have lived past 130 . . . sounds like a crazy claim, I know, but why not? We know so little . . .

    I agree with you regarding stress. That’s a big ticket item. And if yoga can relieve stress, amen. Of course, Bikram only *brings* stress to the people around him, but that’s a very different story.

  2. Natasha

    Chelsea, this is a great article. I have never tried yoga but have always wanted too! Thanks for the information I will be trying it, especially if I can live to 103!!

  3. Ravindra Dixit

    Beyond doubt yoga keeps one young and healthy. Yogic breathing, postures and exercises address the vital organs and tone their functioning. The joints are kept supple and the muscles in good tone. For aerobic fitness too yoga has various exercises. Exercises like the head and the shoulder stands use the effects of gravity for promoting the functioning of the cardio-vascular system and for reversing the effects of aging.
    Yogic practice helps one regulate his food, sleep and habits of work which lead to improvement in health and well being.

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