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  1. Skinny Cow Desserts Are a Perfect Fit with Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet Plan
  2. Adrian

    What are safe foods to eat when you get off night shift. I know that it is recommended that you don’t but there has to be something for the mournings you get off and starving.

    I get off at 7am and it is difficult to keep that schedule when I am off, get enough sleep, and spend time with family and friends. Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Gem Franco

    It also happens to me. I’m working as a call center agent and working on a night shift. After a few hours of my work I already feel sleepy. I never thought that exercise can also help to remove my sleepiness since I’m just taking some pills to make my self awake in working hours. I’ll be trying this tips to my self to find answer to my problem. Thanks!

    Gem Franco
    Webmaster of “inversion table reviews

  4. ankush

    i am suffering from digestion issue i work for 9 hours…………..


    I would like to know , what is the effect doing night shift? can you feel the bloatness of your body system? will you ageing faster ? Please provide me full information on the effect of your entire body by doing night shift..tq

  6. Moyston

    I’ve been working the night shift now for the best part of the last 10 years. One of the key factors I have found when working the graveyard shift is to keep to a routine with everything that you do, which includes your sleep patterns as well as when you eat your meals. Make sure you eat healthy foods. If you need to eat whilst you are at work, make it a small healthy snack, not fast food.

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