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  1. Thomas Zhou

    Also perfect for soreness. Makes intenese workouts less painful the days after.

  2. Kim Allmon

    At the age of 45, I was recently diagnosed with “premature arthritis” in my right knee (most likely the result of a serious injury to the area early in life). Besides getting injections to replace the natural balance of fluid in my knee, I’ve been actively treating my knee using the ice/heat therapy after doing any sort of workout. It really does help ease the pain and keeps the swelling down as well! Thanks for having a great giveaway!

  3. Sue Nielsen

    My grade school track coach taught us about alternating ice and heat for injury or just plain soreness.
    It works for me!

  4. Mike Braginton

    Actually ice and heat do pretty much the same thing; they both cause vasodilation in a round about way. Ice causes initial vasoconstriction and as the tissue’s temperature decreases, the body will “protect” itself if you will and after 7-10 min vasodilation occurs. So same as heat; only different. 🙂

  5. avghuman

    RT @askfitnesscoach: Get the dirt on how you should treat an injury with heat and ice. And enter to win a great product from ActiveWear. …

  6. Jhoei

    Most people use ice and heat as treatment for injuries. However, they actually don’t know when to use ice over heat treatment. Reading this post will enlighten their confused mind as to when to use ice and heat as treatment for injuries.

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