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  1. Alicen Ronan

    I think you make some excellent points here. People want things to be automatic, but it’s not that easy. When people want to change a behavior it takes a lot of time and energy to change the way you were doing things before. It can also take a lot of try and try again. Thanks for the positive reminder of this!

    1. admin

      It’s true that it seems like people want what they want immediately but like you said, it’s not that easy and it takes time. Thanks for you comment!

  2. Matthew Denos

    “Decisions determine our destiny”
    How true this is, indeed. Decisions are the result of thoughts. Therefore, we bring about what we think about. Our life is a manifestation of the predominant thoughts in our mind. I enjoyed your article!

    1. admin

      Matthew! We agree 100%! Thoughts are so important in any decisions we make! We can’t be successful unless we think that we can.

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