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How to Turn Your Brain Towards Happiness

Guest Article by Jessica Ann
Happiness is a special feeling. It is an emotion that is rooted in the consciousness of
enjoyment, well‐being, bliss, joy, and peace. It is something that can both be learned and

expressed. Above all, it has a lot to do with the state of mind of an individual.
As humans, we all respond to things in different ways. For instance, what will make a person unhappy or lead to a breakdown can happen to another individual who will handle the situation well and remain happy. Therefore, it is safe to say that happiness has a lot to do with perception. Certain behavioral changes also influence how happy we are.
Staying happy in a difficult situation is quite uneasy. It requires a lot of self‐development, discipline, and intention. To turn the brain towards happiness, a lot of the brain chemicals that affects happiness need to be released. These chemicals include serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. In this article, we will be discussing ways and best practices that will help turn your brain towards happiness at all times.

Use Positive Affirmations

There is a direct relationship between being positive and being happy. Even the holy book emphasized the need to remain positive even in negative or difficult situations. Positive affirmations not only have a way of lifting our spirits, they also have a way of coming to pass. In the same vein, negativity and negative affirmations have a way of dampening one’s moral and breeding sadness. Regardless of the situation, always maintain a positive attitude and make positive confessions to yourself.

Treat Yourself Generously

You cannot be happy if you do not give yourself positive vibes. The truth is, nobody is responsible for your happiness but you and nobody will treat you well if you do not treat yourself well. Be nice to yourself at all times. Give yourself a lovely treat, go on vacation to beautiful places. The memories will linger for a long time and you will be better for it. In fact, it is one of the best ways to forget about the issues that bother you.

Feed Your Soul

There is a popular saying that you cannot give what you do not have. What this means is that you must feed your soul with a lot of moral boosting things from time to time. One way of doing this is listening to good music. Music is the food of the soul, isn’t it? Listen to good music, listen to motivational and inspiring messages and more importantly read a lot of spirit‐lifting books.

Stop Over Thinking

The worries of life are numerous and may be uncountable. However, one thing you have to understand is that thinking and over thinking is not and will never be a solution. If it is a situation you can change or possibly influence, it is better to act rather than brood or worry about it. If it is a situation you cannot change or influence, there is no need to keep thinking over it. The best you can do is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in a reasonable level of effort.

Practice Gratitude

One very good way of ensuring happiness is to be thankful for what you receive and what you hope to receive. If you want to be happy, gratitude should be the attitude. At all times, appreciate people for their effort and commitment. All in all, be thankful for all things.

Mind Your Mind

This implies that you must be mindful of the way you think and the way you reason. Do not load your mind with junks and stuff that yield no positive outcome. Make conscious efforts to feed your mind with positive stuff and train your mind to be positive even in situations where there seems to be no hope.
Jessica AnnJessica Ann has written many blogs across the spectrum, but specializes mainly in weight loss and dieting. With several years in the field, Jessica has been helping people get healthy and fit with the help of and is dedicated to providing information for those who need it.

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  1. Yuval Ayalon

    I definitely wish I could stop overthinking… unfortunately it’s much easier said than done. It seems like I can’t ever turn my brain off!

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