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Sponsored Advertising Content from IdealShape, IdealFit and IdealRaw

Our Top Weight Loss Supplements Recommendation

If I had a dollar for every weight loss supplement offered in the industry, then I would be a millionaire. Ok, not really, but you get the idea. There are a lot of supplements out there that promote weight loss.

There are also a lot of brands that offer a variety of supplements. So what makes each brand different and what sets apart the best brands? Most importantly though, which supplements will truly help you to lose weight and reach your goals?

I am here to guide you through this. I will list the top weight loss supplements and how they can help you and why they are important in aiding weight loss.

Knowing your own goals and how each supplement can line up to help you achieve those goals, can help you to make an informed decision on which supplements you can use to give you the edge that you need.

Let’s get started!


Protein powder

protein powder

Let’s start off with what should be a staple in everyone’s nutrition plan. Protein powder is the most important and versatile supplement because it can help you lose weight or gain weight.

How? Protein is one of the three essential macronutrients that we must eat every day. Without protein, our body can’t undergo protein synthesis which is crucial to muscular and organ function.

So how does this help me with weight loss? One of the biggest myths is protein will make you bulky. If you never ate any protein, you would eventually die as your muscles waste away and you become malnourished. So everyone has to eat protein, whether it comes from plants, animals or supplements.

When you eat in a caloric deficit, your body will want to breakdown muscle to supplement the decrease in overall calorie and protein amounts. Resistance training and increased protein intake through supplementation can help stop you from losing muscles. This means that the majority of weight loss, will be fat loss, which is what we want!

Also, if you keep or even slightly increase your muscle mass through nutrition and training while losing fat, this is how you get that tight, toned look that a lot of people dream of having. Using protein powder can absolutely help you achieve this look with the proper plan!

Our coaches top pick: IdealLean protein for women and MyProtein

Both protein brands have 100% Whey Isolate, which is the best, purest form of animal whey protein. It is absorbed quickly by the muscles, making it perfect for after a workout.

IdealLean features added vitamins specifically for women. Did you know women are naturally deficient in certain vitamins? Vitamin D, calcium, iron, and folic acid are all vitamins that women sometimes have a hard time getting enough of. With IdealLean Protein, you get 100% of your vitamin D needs, a sufficient serving of calcium, and 50% of your folic acids needs.




I have already written a complete guide to L-carnitine that you can view here, but I will touch upon the key points again.

L-carnitine is an amino acid-like compound that helps to transport fat to the mitochondria for fuel, rather than let the body store it.

By using fat as a fuel substrate, you get more energy throughout the day and in your workouts. This translates to better performance, and ultimately better results.

The increased mobilization of fatty acids to the mitochondria also results in less fat mass over time. This means you will lose body fat while keeping more lean muscle, which gives you a tighter and firmer look.

Our coaches top pick: IdealLean L-carnitine and MyProtein

There is a strong reason why these two brands are showing up again for the second straight time. IdealFit’s and Myprotein’s L-carnitine have no added chemicals, flavorings or other pointless additives. It is pure L-carnitine. The difference comes in form.

My protein’s L-carnitine is in pills, while IdealFit’s L-carnitine comes in powdered form. So if you aren’t a big fan of pills, then IdealFit is for you. If you don’t like the mess of powders and prefer pills, then go with Myprotein!



idealshape_boost_variety_powder_The Hut Group

What is IdealBoost you might be asking yourself? Well I am going to introduce it by playing out a story for you.

It is 2pm. You just got out of your last work meeting, but still have three hours left in the work day or maybe you just picked up the kids from school and now have to run them to practices while also running errands.

The issue? You are dragging your feet. You are tired and want to nap, so what do you do? You get an energy drink or soda that is full of sugar. This is a problem, as it will put a halt to your goals and could even cause you to gain weight.

I have your solution. IdealBoost is a low calorie mix that you pour into water. It contains 80mg of natural caffeine to help give you a boost when you need it most (the name starts to make more sense now, huh?)

It helps you to lose weight, not only through substitution from sugary drinks, but also due to the green tea/caffeine aspect. Research has found that green tea-caffeine consumption can help you achieve reduced body weight, waist size, and body fat!

IdealBoost also contains slendesta, which is a natural potato protein extract that can help you feel fuller for longer, which in turn will help you avoid giving into cravings! This is another benefit IdealBoost offers in helping you with fat loss!

Our coaches top pick: IdealShape

IdealBoost can only be found through IdealShape, but with a wide variety of flavors, I know you will find a flavor the you love!

We want you to hit your goals. I have talked about it before, supplements can be the answer that you need. They can help bridge nutritional gaps and offer an advantage that you can’t get anywhere else.

These three supplements are specifically geared towards helping you achieve healthy weight loss and I know that each one can help every person in one way or another.

Don’t waste any more time and step your game up so you can get the results that you want.

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