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Top 8 Probiotics!

No. 1 – IdealRenew



CFUs: 30 billion
Value: $40
Shelf Stability: Shelf stable
Blends: cleanse+weight loss
Strains: 6

IdealRenew is great. The optimal amount of CFU’s is between 20 and 50 billion, and it sits right in the middle of this. IdealRenew is shelf stable, so no need to refrigerate, and it has a weight loss cleanse, not only to help improve gut health, but also to help you shed those extra stubborn pounds. $40 seems a little high in comparison to other brands, however with the added benefits it definitely takes the cake.


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No. 2 – Garden of Life

Garden of Life

CFUs: 15 billion
Value: $28.89
Shelf Stability:
Blends: ionic mineral blend
Strains: 13

Garden of Life has created a wonderful probiotic. With 50 billion CFU’s and 14 strains, this product is excellent. It is shelf stable and, unlike other brands, it comes in powder form rather than a capsule. Along with a weight loss blend, this product is sure to help you improve gut health as well as weight loss!

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No. 3 – NOW foods probiotic-10


Now Foods



CFUs: 50 billion
Value: $28.99
Shelf Stability: not shelf stable-must be refrigerated
Blends: 0
Strains: 10 strains

NOW Foods probiotic-10 has a massive 50 billion units! It matches Nature’s Bounty Ultra Strength, containing 10 strains. The price is right for this product! The container includes 50 capsules, which is over a month’s supply and that’s always nice to have. The only downside of this product is that it isn’t shelf stable, it must be refrigerated which isn’t the biggest deal but you can’t really carry it around with you or leave it in your car.

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No. 4 – Healthy Origins

Healthy Origins



CFUs: 30 billion
Shelf Stability: can sit at room temp. Is also fine in fridge
Blends: 0
Strains: 8

Healthy Origins has a solid 30 billion CFUs. The price is decent for the quality of this product. It can sit in a room temperature environment or be refrigerated. It doesn’t contain any extra blends to help with cleansing or weight loss, however it does have 8 strains which is on the higher end of the products that we’ve seen so far. This is a decent product!

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No. 5 – Nature’s Bounty Ultra Strength

Natures Bounty


CFUs: 20 billion
Value: $12/60 caps
Shelf Stability:not shelf stable-must be refrigerated
Blends: pre+probiotic blends
Strains: 10 strains

Nature’s Bounty Ultra Strength contains 20 billion CFU’s which is on the lower end of the ideal range, however several other brands provide much less than that. The value of this product is great, $12 for 60 capsules. The only bad thing is that the serving size is 2 capsules. This product isn’t shelf stable either, it must be refrigerated which can be a hassle if you’re on the go and want to keep it in your purse. It has a great amount of strains which is decent!

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No. 6 – Probium



CFUs: 12 billion
Value: $25~
Shelf Stability: yes
Strains: 4

Probium has under the optimal amount of CFU’s. The price is decent, however with the amount of strains, four, it doesn’t seem worth it when you can get a better price for a better product and have more benefits.

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No. 7 – Culturelle




CFUs: 10 billion
Value: $20.99
Shelf Stability: Yes
Blends: inulin which promotes good digestion
Strains: 1 – L.GG

Culturelle only contains one strain which is great if you’re looking for a certain benefit specific to that strain, however if you’re looking for an all around great probiotic, then it might be best to purchase a brand that has more than one strain, to give a better variety of good bacteria in your gut and to further boost immune support for your body. Overall we didn’t rate this product very high simply because it only contains one strain, has less than the optimal 20-50 billion range of CFUs, and is high in price for what you’re getting.

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No. 8 -Trubiotics




CFUs: 1.5 billion
Shelf Stability: shelf stable
Blends: 0
Strains: 2

This product didn’t impress us too much since it only contains 1.5 billion CFUs and 2 strains. It’s nice because the price is fairly cheap compared to others, however you get what you pay for and you’re not paying for much. It’s shelf stable which is convenient.

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