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The New Rules of Lifting for Abs Review

If you are trying to get back in shape, increase strength, and trying to getting rockin abs this book is for you. Lou Shuler and Alwyn Cosgrove authored this book, two fitness experts that are always on the cutting edge of exercise science and the fitness industry.  With their knowledge of the human body and how it moves, these two men were able to develop an exercise program that will change the way you think about ab training and what it really takes to get a healthy six pack.  And in the process ensures that your body moves the way it was meant to.

The main focus of this book is to teach you how to improve core strength and abs with every exercise you perform. The Chapters on core and abs strength alone make this book a must read for anyone planning on getting back in shape.

This book provides you with a complete 12-week exercise program and nutrition overview. Each workout starts with foam rolling, dynamic warm-up and stretching techniques and continues with different strength phases that will keep you challenging you each workout. Detailed explanations and pictures are provided for every exercise to help you execute proper form.

In our training we have been implementing many of the core concepts and teaching the progressions for each exercise.  We have seen an improvements in core strength and appearance. Anyone who applies these science based and progressive principles into their exercise routine will see improvements in strength, performance and over all health.

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