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The Best Fitness Trackers of 2016

Back in 2009, fitness trackers were only something the dedicated fitness guru wore. Fitbit was a brand new and unknown name, Garmin was the leading GPS watch for runners, and Nike and Apple paired up to develop their own activity tracking device with the Nike+iPod app.

Interest in fitness trackers over time

Now fast forward 7 years later and there are more fitness bands, watches, and “wearables” than ever, giving the consumer tons of options to choose from.

The modern fitness tracker not only tracks steps and mileage but also heart rate, sleep patterns, calories burned and more. It’s a pretty incredible development within the tech world, and it’s exciting to see what will be the next big thing in active tech wear.

Fitness trackers can help you improve your performance, increase your activity level and give you insights into your health.

There is just one problem. The increase in different products and options might leave the consumer (you and me) a little overwhelmed in the choosing process. These types of devices are more often than not on the pricey side, so we wanted to help you find the best fitness tracker for you, your style, and your budget.

To simplify your buying process, we picked out the best fitness trackers in a variety of categories, plus a quick quiz to really help you determine what you are looking for.

Keep reading to see all of the top fitness trackers for a variety of activities, or click here to go straight to our quick 7 question quiz!

Best Fitness Trackers for Runners:

Best fitness trackers for runners

If you are an avid runner (or want to be) these fitness trackers track mileage and each has the option of measuring heart rate as well. Other metrics include calories burned and steps. Perfect for those who love to lace up their running shoes.

Garmin Forerunner230

  • Truly built for runners, the Garmin Forerunner230 tracks mileage, pace, heart rate and Vo2Max along with calories, steps, and sleep. Connects to the Garmin Connect app so you can have running challenges with friends and compete with fellow runners.
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Fitbit ChargeHR

  • Tracks distance, steps, calories burned, active minutes, floors climbed and sleep. Additional features include clock, caller ID, and long rechargeable battery life.  Measures heart rate constantly and includes a “workout mode” that tracks your workouts through the FitBit app. Connects to any smartphone so you can keep track of your progress using FitBit’s dashboard.
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Garmin VivoSmart HR

  • Tracks mileage, heart rate, calories, and even activity intensity, plus it gives you reminders to get up and get moving if you’ve been sitting for too long. It also gives you daily step goals based on your activity level.
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Best Fitness Trackers for Swimmers:

best fitness trackers for swimming

Finally, fitness trackers that even swimmers can use! All of these trackers are waterproof, making them fit for the pool, ocean, or shower.

Moov NOW

  • One of the few fitness trackers to track specific swim metrics like stroke pace, flip turn time, rest time, and the number of laps. Plus, it has a built-in coaching option for when you are cross training. Connects to the app so you can analyze each swim and improve.
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Garmin Vivoactive

  • Garmin Vivoactive tracks everything your standard fitness tracker does, plus swim mode allows you to track total swimming and interval distance, laps, calories burned, session average, interval and length pace, and stroke count.
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Garmin Vivofit2

  • Garmin Vivofit doesn’t have specific swim tracking metrics, but it is waterproof so you can take it with you on any of your workout sessions, including swims. Plus it gives you reminders to move regularly.
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Best Fitness Trackers for a Budget:

Best fitness trackers on a budget

Not all of us can afford to pay $150 or more on a fitness tracker. Fortunately, there are a few fitness trackers out there that are high quality but not too pricey.

Garmin Vivofit2

  • Gives you all the basic measurements plus a few extras for under $100. Plus it has a year long battery life so you don’t have to recharge it or change the battery for a long time.
  • Best deal HERE!


Misfit Flash

  • Simple, sleek and incredibly affordable at under $40. Misfit flash tracks multiple spots and sleep and gives you the option of wearing it as a watch or placing it on your shoe. Plus it has some other cool features when you connect it with your smartphone.
  • Best deal HERE!


Fitbit Zip

  • This little clip-on activity tracker from Fitbit is simple, small, and inexpensive coming in at $50 or less. Tracks activity throughout the day including steps, calories, distance, and active minutes. Plus comes in a variety of colors.
  • Best deal HERE!


Best Fitness Trackers for Multiple Sports:

best fitness trackers for multiple sports

What about that person who loves to do EVERYTHING? You run, you swim, you golf, you lift, you yoga? No worries, these fitness trackers are best for tracking a variety of activities.

Microsoft Band

  • Microsoft Band has settings to track activities like running and golf, plus lets you connect to apps for guided workouts. Monitors sleep and heart rate and connects with your smartphone to get notifications including messages, calls, and social media.
  • Best deal HERE!


Garmin Vivoactive

  • For the athlete who does it all, the Garmin Vivoactive has 10-hour lasting tracking for running, biking, swimming, and golf plus heart rate. Measures sleep quality and links with your smartphone to give you notifications right on your wrist.
  • Best deal HERE!


Moov NOW

  • A fitness tracker and personal trainer all in one. Moov NOW actually analyzes your form and speaks to you, encouraging you to run faster, push harder, and get fitter. It has excellent tracking for swimming, running, boxing, cycling, and even counts your reps.
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Best Looking Fitness Trackers:

best looking fitness trackers

My biggest beef with fitness trackers? Many of them are flat out ugly and bulky. Fortunately, there are a few that are excellent at fitness tracking and they look sleek and stylish.

Jawbone Up3 

  • Provides all the basics of a fitness tracker like calorie tracking, sleep and heart rate monitoring, and distance all the while looking like a stylish bracelet, not a bulky plastic band. Connects to your smartphone so you can track metrics and get tips from their smart coach feature.
  • Best deal HERE!


Misfit Shine 2

  • Sleek, simple, and effective, the Misfit Shine 2 fitness tracker is subtle but still tracks all of your activity and sleep like a champ. You can connect it to your smartphone with the Misfit app and see notifications and even control music or take selfies.
  • Best deal HERE!


Garmin Vivofit3

  • Probably one of the best activity trackers out there that doesn’t sacrifice style for function. Garmin Vivofit3 recognizes a variety of different sports so you can go from one activity to the next. It’s waterproof and comes in a variety of interchangeable styles with a 1-year battery life.
  • Best deal HERE!


Fitbit Alta

  • Tracks your activity and sleep plus gives you reminders to move all day long matching every outfit while doing it. Features a touch display where you can get notifications and alerts from your smartphone. You can change the band so your style is always on point.
  • Best deal HERE!


Helvetica 1 Smartwatch

helvitica 1 smartwatch

  • The one fitness tracker that looks like a normal watch, perfect for any gentleman or lady. This Swiss made watch is a little more technical to use, but it’s probably worth it for those who want something classy. Connects to the MotionX-365 app and tracks activity and sleep.
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Best Simple Fitness Trackers:

best basic fitness trackers

Looking for just the basics when it comes to a fitness tracker? We’ve found the best fitness trackers that keep it simple. These fitness trackers are easy to use and give you basic measurements like steps and calories.

Fitbit Charge

  • The Fitbit charge gives you all the basic metrics you need including steps, distance, stairs climbed, and calories plus just tilting it to look at it brings up the clock. Gives you sleep monitoring and alarms. Comes in a variety of colors and has easily rechargeable battery that lasts 7-10 days.
  • Best deal HERE!


Fitbit One

  • One of Fitbit’s most basic options, Fitbit One is small, compact, and clips on securely to a pocket, shoe, or anywhere tracking basic activity metrics plus sleep. See your stats on display or connect it with the Fitbit app.
  • Best deal HERE!


Jawbone UP MOVE

  • Jawbone’s most simple fitness tracker, the UP MOVE clips onto any clothing and tracks basic activity metrics like steps, distance, and calories. Connects to the Jawbone app for more stats and the smart coach function.
  • Best deal HERE!


Still Stuck?

Let us help you one step further. Take our super-quick quiz (It’s only 7 questions!) to help you determine which fitness tracker would be best for you and your goals!


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