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Successfully Completing the 12 Week Shape Up Challenge

If you are anything like me, this probably isn’t the first fitness routine that you have tried. We understand the feeling of continually trying to get in shape and continually finding yourself falling back into your old habits. We know, all too well, how frustrating that cycle can be so we decided to come up with some tips for success to help you start the program, stick with it, and make some life changes!

Think before you start

Before you start any new goal you need to consider what it is you want to accomplish. You need to think specific, here. Don’t just have a vague goal of “I want to lose weight”, instead you need to put a number on it. How much weight do you want to lose?

Once you pick out your goal come up with a plan of action. How are you going to accomplish that goal? Instead of saying, “I will eat healthier to lose weight” take the time to plan out what and when you will eat.

After you have all the specifics decided write them down. Write down your goal and your plan of action. Put it somewhere where you will see it often so that you can be reminded of what you want and how you are going to get there.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it!

Here at AskFitnessCoach, we really believe that the key to success in weight loss, or any other goal for that matter, is to believe in yourself. If you have a goal of getting down to a certain weight think about what it would be like at that weight. Imagine how you would look at that weight and how you would feel. Imagine what it would be like to go clothes shopping when you get down to that weight.

It’s almost more than believing you can achieve it, it’s knowing  you can. Half the time the only person getting in the way of you being great is yourself. So change your mindset and allow yourself to succeed.

Small steps at a time

As you are beginning the program and considering your goals you need to be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. It’s very easy to feel motivated in the beginning and think that you can change everything you don’t like about yourself. However, when we come up with too many goals it is also easy to get overwhelmed and give up on all of the goals. So pick one goal at a time and put all of your focus on that goal. Once you accomplish it you can move on to the next goal.

Mind over matter

Maybe the most important concept for success in this and any other program is to learn control. Once you take control of your mind and get rid of all your negative thoughts and self doubt you will be able to take control of your goals and actually see results!

As you begin the Shape Up Challenge, keep these things in mind and do your best. We are here to answer any questions or help you along the way so leave comments, post on our facebook page, or send us an email.

Good luck!



    1. admin

      You post the URL to our sign up page (// or you can send them to our facebook page and they can sign up there. Hopefully you get some people to sign up! It would help to stay motivated if you had some friends doing it. Good luck!

  1. delia

    I did a smart lipo but I have not seen the results I desire specially in my lower abs . How can I get rid of the stuborn fat? They told me to get rid of carbs to not accumulate fat in my body is that true yo avoid breads at all cost

    1. Melena

      I hate to say it but…yes. Cut your carbs and watch your calories. Pills never help

  2. vanessa cartagena

    Hi my name is Vanessa and I am taking the 12 week challenge to become healthy.

    1. admin

      Hi Vanessa 🙂 We are excited that you are doing the challenge. If you stick with it you will become healthy for sure. Keep us updated on your success. Good luck!

  3. Sal

    Hi! I have started & stopped more times than I can count! I joined Lifetime Fitness which was a gym
    That fit my lifestyle. Was great about going for a month, took a 1 week vacation & can’t seem to get
    Back in the groove again. I do believe iTs the mindset. I am prone to depression after all I have been
    Thru. So I am giving this a shot, as I need something, any.thing to keep me motivated! I am determined
    To make this a life style!

    1. admin

      It is hard to get back into the habit of working out but I have no doubt that you can do it. Keep us posted on your success! You should enter our contest to win a trip to Park City Utah. Send your before and after pictures to Good luck!

  4. Sue Cannella

    Hello everyone in “healthy lifestyle land,”

    I’ve just started the 12 week challenge (day 2) and am finding some of it difficult for an old lady like me with arthritic knees. I’m still trying though. I really need to lose 75 – 80 pounds. I know it will take awhile, but want to get down as much as possible before I have my total knee replacement surgery in the fall. So I’m working on losing just 10 pounds at a time.
    It’s also hard to consistently track everything I eat, but am carrying a notebook with me and will just have to condition myself to do it every day. It does make one aware of how much you are really eating.

    I’m not on Facebook and have some misgivings about getting on it, but all these messages are really relevant and helpful, so will join in here as much as possible. Now that spring is really getting here, I’ll be getting out in my garden and returning to Planet Fitness as well. Once I have my knee replaced I’ll be able to do a lot more walking. My doctor has warned me to stay off the treadmill and use the stationary bike or elliptical instead. Running, jumping jacks, or anything with a lot of impact is kind of out for me, so need some alternate ways to burn calories.
    To the folks at Ideal Shape, I had someone at work take a couple of “before” pictures for me. Will be sending them to you as soon as I figure out how to get them from the camera into the computer. Or would you rather I wait and send them the same time as the “after” pictures?

    All for now, Sue

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comment! The 12 week shape up challenge is tough but if you stick with it you will lose the weight you want to. Don’t feel like you need to do the workouts just like we do them in the videos. You can make them easier to fit your needs.
      Keep writing down what you eat in your notebook. That will help a ton!
      Send the before picture when you have completed the twelve weeks and have an after picture too. If you want to send the before picture now just to keep yourself motivated that is fine 🙂
      Keep us updated on your success and struggles. Good luck to you!

      1. Cinnamon

        Thanks for the encouragement. I intend to stay with the program as best I can.

        Cinnamon (Sue)

    2. admin

      I told you some wrong information! You need to send your before pictures and your goal for the challenge to before April 15. When the challenge is over you will send in your after picture. Sorry about that 🙂

  5. carole

    I signed up yesterday and I’m looking forward to getting my body in shape. I’m 62 & need to lose 50lbs.

    1. admin

      We are excited to hear about your success Carole! Be sure to keep up updated! Good luck 🙂

  6. Sharon

    I have no problem with cardio part of fitness. I run about 20 miles a week. I can’t seem to motivate myself on the food side and the weight lifting side. Very frustrated. I have lost 55 pounds since having my baby last july. I still have 10 to 15 more.

    1. admin

      Congrats on losing that much! That is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes the last 10-15 pounds can be the hardest to lose though. Eating healthy is definitely difficult. Especially with all the convenient but unhealthy food that is around us. Have you tried tracking your food with a website like myfitnesspal? We see people tend to eat a lot better when they are totally and honestly tracking what they eat/ Also, what are your trouble foods? Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you like junk food?

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