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Sports Bra 411

Fitness(1)-1Breasts: during your workout, they be annoying. Unfortunately, large breasts aren’t like an ugly pair of earrings or an unflattering pair of jeans–we can’t easily set them aside when they get in the way. If you are large chested like me, they are the number one reason you skip the gym.  They hurt when you do high impact exercises, flop into uncomfortable positions during yoga, and are a nuisance you would rather not deal with.  The key to making them less of a problem while working out is finding a good-fitting sports bra.

How to Choose a Good Sports Bra

It’s not enough for a woman to wear a sports bra: it’s also important that she is wearing the right sports bra. Like regular bras, support is key. However, unlike regular bras, sports bras do not aim to push the breasts up or together; instead, the aim is to compress the breasts against the chest.

Women’s Health magazine recommends several ways women can make sure they pick a good sports bra. These include the following: buying bras that support each breast in a separate cup (they offer more support than shelf bras); looking for bras that have strategically placed seams and stitching; choosing sports bras made of high-performance fabrics (such as polyester) that draw moisture away from the body (this can reduce chaffing); owning a variety of sports bras and regularly rotating / washing them to help them last longer; and testing the bra out before purchase by trying it on and jumping, twisting, and turning. If the bra slips, rubs, or is uncomfortable, choose a different one.

It is also a smart idea to get fitted by an expert, usually found in department or lingerie stores. Experts can help assure the bra size is correct. According to Cosmo, over 80 percent of US women are wearing the wrong bra size.

In addition, the Daily Mail says that sports bras are made for different impact levels. A person engaging in low-impact sports–such as light walking, yoga, or Pilates–may find that a bra with a low-impact level works well. A person engaging in higher impact sports, like running or tennis, may prefer a bra with a higher-impact level. Wearing a low-impact sports bra while engaged in high-impact activity can result in reduced support.

Why Sports Bras are Important

Sports bras are important for any woman engaging in any type of physical, recreational activity that makes her breasts move. Jogging, jumping rope, kickboxing, and aerobics are all activities that can cause the movements to be drastic. The purpose of a sports bra is to minimize breast movement as much as possible.

According to the daytime television show The Doctors, sports bras help keep the breasts from bouncing, or at least reduce the amount of bouncing. Ultimately, this prevents the ligaments from stretching. Not only does this help a woman avoid painful breasts after a workout, but it also helps keep the breast’s supportive tissues intact. If the supportive tissues are compromised or damaged, the breasts can begin to sag even in young woman.

The right sports bra is an important garment for any woman who regularly hits the gym, participates in sports, or simply leads an active life. The above tips will help assure a good fit and support breast health in the process.

This article was written by Debra Moss, a full figured fitness coach. She understands firsthand the importance of support during your workout. Debra recommends shopping online at sites like Lupo Clothing for supportive bras and athletic wear.



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