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  1. skylermeine

    RT @askfitnesscoach: So How Do I Know When I’m 80% Full? //…

    1. Chelsea Bush

      Ha ha thanks. I think the picture pretty much says it all. (“Don’t take nutrition advice from someone who crams Russian pastries into her face on a regular basis”) 🙂

  2. Reinaldo

    Great advice, I’m going to try that. Up until now I just eat my portion and starve/overeat (depending if I’m still hungry or at 110% fullness).

  3. Deb

    The speed bump is a great idea! This may sound silly but, maybe when you reach the speed bump, you should stand up and walk a few steps. I usually don’t realize how full (over-full!) I am until I stand up!

    1. Chelsea Bush

      I love that suggestion! It never occurred to me but you’re right. It’s also smart to break away from the food when you think you might be full… When we stay at the table with food in front of us, we keep dishing up ’til it’s gone, right?

    2. linda

      If you are eating at home, you can accomplish this by not putting the food on the table. Take small portions at first, forcing yourself to get up and go to the counter to get seconds.
      At a restaurant, put at least half the food in a TO-GO box before taking the first bite. If youv’e eaten an appetizer or salad, put even more of the main course away. Always share deserts.
      Also- I’ve taught my kids never to eat everything on their plates. Always leave one bite of each item for the fairies. (Works great for young kids, and the habit stays with them as they get older. Believe it or not, they ate their vegatables better, knowing that they didn’t have to eat every last bite. )

      1. Chelsea

        Leave a bite for the fairies – hee hee. I love that.

        In my house, serving food on the table always means it gets eaten ’til it’s gone. I’m working on getting them to see from your POV!

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