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Sneaky and Delicous Ways to Eat Healthy

We all know how important it is to eat healthy. But let’s be honest, sometimes a cookie or two sounds so much more appealing than a plateful of broccoli. I have often heard parents talk about tricky ways that they get their kids to eat healthy, like grating zucchini and baking it in cookies. Unfortunately I have not been able to try any of these sneaky mom tricks because my son is only two months old.

Even though I don’t have a picky child to trick into eating healthy, I do have a very picky husband. My husband is so sweet because he will eat anything that I make for him. But wether or not he will enjoy what I make is a different story. Another thing about my husband is that he can eat anything  and not gain an ounce. Me on the other hand, I feel like all I have to do it drive by a McDonalds and I need to loosen my belt, but that’s a different story for a different blog post.

Anyway, back to my picky husband. He is trying to gain weight (wish you could trade him places, huh) and to do that he is working on eating a whole lot of protein every day. As his wife, I am trying my hardest to support him in his goal but it is sort of difficult when I am dealing with such a… selective eater.

Cottage cheese is a great way to get protein. But my husband hates it. Protein shakes are also an easy and awesome way of getting protein (obviously), but he doesn’t love the flavor of them. Eggs, high in protein. Hubby, gets sick of them quickly. The thing is, like I said earlier, he will eat anything. He just won’t enjoy it. And it is my firm belief that if you aren’t enjoying your healthy eating, you won’t stick to it. So I wanted to find a way for him to not only get the protein he needs, but also enjoy getting the protein that he needs.

So what do I do? I do what any loving wife would.  I trick him. The best way I have found to do this is with a smoothie. My husband may not like a lot of things, but he does love chocolate. So being the brilliant wife that I am, I decided to make him a chocolate smoothie (with some special ingredients, of course).

Here is my top secret recipe. I start out with one cup of chocolate milk. I then add one banana (or one cup of spinach, depending on my mood. And if I’m feeling really crazy I add both!), 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, and one scoop of whey protein powder. I blend it until it’s smooth and he drinks that sucker right up and actually likes it! The best part is, this smoothie is jam packed with 47 grams of protein! I call that a success for sure!

How do you sneak healthy foods to your children (or husbands)? I would love to know because even if I never have a picky child to trick into eating healthy, I can always trick my husband!


  1. Tanya

    I actually got the “tricky mom” cookbooks before I had kids because of my husband! He comes from a family of picky eaters and refuses to believe what you eat affects how you feel. Since we had our daughter he has gotten much better, but I still look out for those wonderful “tricky” recipes! The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine is pretty good.

    1. admin

      I haven’t thought to buy one of those cookbooks for my husband but that is a great idea! Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out!

  2. Alicen Ronan

    47g of protein – wow! That is incredibly impressive. I think this recipe sounds like one I will definitely have to try. I am not picky but sometimes the staples – protein powder, cottage cheese, etc. just get old and boring so it’s get to find new ways to jazz them up. Great post!

    1. admin

      I totally agree. Sometimes you just need a way to switch it up even for those of us who aren’t picky. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment!

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