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A Simple Bodyweight Workout You Can Do at Home

Life. Sometimes it gets hectic, busy, and downright exhausting. Worse yet, sometimes it gets in the way of your plans.

You know what it’s like. Your day is all planned out, you’ve got all kinds of productivity in your schedule, and you’ve even carved out time for the gym. Awesome.

And then life happens.

Work runs late. You get stuck in traffic. The checkout line at the grocery store moves painfully slow.

By the time you get home, that perfectly planned day has fallen apart. And the hopes you had of making it to the gym fade away. But you don’t need the gym to get a great workout.

When life happens, you need a simple bodyweight workout you can do at home.

The Simple Bodyweight Workout You Need to Be Prepared

Let’s face it. Those days are going to happen. They’re inevitable. Sometimes you simply won’t be able to make it to the gym. (Gasp.)

It’s okay. Seriously.

The gym takes time. Getting ready. Driving. Working out. Driving. Cleaning up. Changing. When you don’t have enough time for that, you need a backup plan you can count on. Something that’ll help you shed fat, get stronger, and feel amazing from the comfort of home. (And when you’re on a tight schedule.)

What you need is this simple bodyweight workout:

Simple Bodyweight Workout:

This workout will keep your routine on track when life tries to derail your progress. Use these proven strategies to get results—at home.


Perform 2 continuous rounds of the following exercises as intervals in a circuit-like fashion. The work to rest ratio is 20/10, meaning 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest between each exercise.

1A. Seal jacks

1B. Squats

1C. Push ups

1D. Mountain climbers


Set a 7-minute timer and perform as many rounds of the following circuit as possible before time expires.

2A. Alternating split squat jumps x 10 (each side)

2B. Sit throughs x 5 (each side)

2C. Hip thruster x 10

Descending/Ascending Ladder:

Perform 10 total sets of the following exercises in a circuit-like fashion with minimal rest. Exercise 3A will start with 10 reps and descend with every set. Exercise 3B will start with one rep and ascend with every set. Either increase or decrease by one rep (respectively) until you perform one-hand-release push-up and 10 ankle-grab sit ups.

Rest as much as you have to but as little as you need. The goal is to complete the entire descending/ascending ladder as quickly as possible.

3A. Hand release push ups (start with 10)

3B. Ankle-grab sit ups (start with 1)


  1. Emmerlee

    This is a great resource for those of us who are gymtimidated. Thanks for all the awesome moves!

    1. Amy Posey
  2. Sri Harsha

    My fitness level is zero and I can’t do even 5 squats at once… If I do then I feel pain in my thighs for 2 days. Where can I start?

    1. Amy Posey
      Amy Posey

      Start small! If you can only do one or two squats, start there then slowly work your way up as you get stronger!

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