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  1. chelseawriting

    RT @askfitnesscoach: New post at AFC: Salad Sins: 5 Things Not to Do at the Salad Bar //…

  2. Skyler Meine
    Skyler Meine

    Salads are seriously the best thing you can eat if you pick the right topping and the right lettuce. I loved this article!

  3. Deb

    I actually had to give up going to Souper Salad because that was easier than resisting my beloved blue cheese dressing! Salads I make at home are a much better choice for me because I don’t keep the creamy stuff in the house.

    1. Chelsea

      That’s smart! It’s pretty much impossible to say no to a favorite indulgence when it’s staring us in the face. I had to break up with Starbucks for the same reason. (I’d go in for a small black coffee and walk out with a grande gingerbread latte EVERY TIME.)

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