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Rapid Recovery – 5 Products that Will Help You Bounce Back from a Killer Workout

When you’ve had a productive workout, your body needs rest and nutrition but there are a plethora of tools out there to help you recover from an intense workout. They can ease next-day soreness (think leg days where you can’t even sit down without grimacing), speed along muscle recovery (helping to repair muscle more quickly), and improve blood circulation. If you’re dedicated to daily workouts and need help on the recovery side, read ahead for a few products that will help you bounce back after that killer workout.

The Stick


It looks like something you’d find in an elementary school gymnasium but this “toothbrush for muscles” is made specifically to roll out any soreness or knots in tight muscles. Most popular in the running crowds, the Stick is used to massage (in a “hurts so good” way) tight calves after speed-work or sore shins after long runs. The company even makes a model for kids and pets. It works by compressing and stretching muscles while activating trigger points and alleviating muscle soreness. It retails for about $25.

110% Compression Sox + Ice Sleeve


Beneficial for both runners and weight lifters, compression socks are an instant relief for your muscles that have been pushed hard. Compression garments have been proven to increase circulation and reduce inflammation which culminate in a quicker and more gentle recovery period. The 110% Compression Sox have reusable ice inserts to combine compression and icing during recovery. While there’s not concrete evidence that combining the two methods doubles the effect, it’s a great time saver and hey, it feels amazing. The 110% Sox retail for $100 per pair.

Trigger Point: The Grid


This multi-density foam roller has a series of grids on the service to promote a targeted muscle release that’s fantastic for rolling out super knotted and tight muscles. The grids vary in size to give you a precise massage you can’t get with traditional foam rollers. The hollow roller is light and perfect for travel and can withstand 500 pounds of pressure. The Grid sells for about $40 and comes in a variety of fun colors like lime green, hot pink, and camouflage.

SKLZ Accupoint


While most recovery tools focus on the legs, your back can take a beating during a hard workout, too. And if your back is sore, it can throw off your entire body. Trigger release tools for the back are slowly catching on and the SKLZ Accupoint has a unique dual-spherical shape (think two stress balls joined in the middle) that cradles your spine and complements corrective therapy. It rejuvenates the tissues of the muscles and has been shown to speed along recovery from injuries. The SKLZ goes for about $15 and can be used on any sore point in the body, especially hard to reach places.

KT Tape


This elastic fiber tape has wave-like patterns that look like fingerprints to allow the tape to be breathable. Since it only stretches longitudinally, it can work during or after workouts or to fight injuries. It allows for full range of motion while supporting your muscles or ligaments that may need a little extra help to prevent or inhibit an injury. With some manipulation, it can be placed on painful areas, like the lower back, to alleviate pain. If an area is swollen or bruised, there are certain taping methods that drain the fluids into the lymphatic ducts to reduce the swelling. Different sizes and colors are available on KT Tape’s store for those who want to quickly recover from the aches and pains related to exercise and prevent further injury in the future. Their website also offers instructions on how to wrap the tape for specific injuries to get the best results.

Recovery from workouts doesn’t have to be painful or uncomfortable. With a few proper products, there is plenty of opportunity to make recovery a more pleasant process. If you find yourself wincing after every workout, take advantage of all the recovery tools out there that can help you bounce back from a tough workout and get ready for the next one.

By Dixie Somers

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