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  1. JourneyBeyondSurvival

    I feel like people should know the true cost of what they eat, and that it should be reflected in the price of food. However, I think if we stopped subsidizing corn and HFCS was as expensive as it should be it would probably do the same thing and SAVE us billions of dollars. I checked that we should tax foods because I find it’s the closest thing to my opinion.

    I think we also need to start growing local food too. If we weren’t growing so many cash crops in the bread basket we wouldn’t have to import so much from California. Even in Utah. 🙂

    I don’t think people realize how much obesity is a problem because we hear the problems blamed on their knees, on their blood pressure, on their diabetes. I honestly think that most people lie to themselves about the root cause of most of their ailments.

  2. Chelsea Bush

    Ok, so TECHNICALLY I voted that it’s a personal choice… but I would be thrilled if someone would levy a punishment tax on MY junk food. Maybe they’ll set up a craving-killer tax we can opt into?

  3. Ryan R

    I agree with the first comment that corn subsidies are a big reason for low cost to the consumer of junk foods. It is a subsidy with widespread support even from those who call for an end to earmarks. Sadly a tax on junk food ends up being tantamount to a regressive tax on the poor. The poor are much less likely to have have access to healthy alternatives as it is cost prohibitive and there are not as many healthy options in the city. Also the poor are more likely to have multiple jobs or time constraints that make food preparation more impractical. One thing Utah should do is end the sales tax food like many other states have, but maintain the tax on fast food as a kind of incentive to eat healthier by cost.

  4. Lynn C

    I would only go for it, tho, if 1) stupid things like 100 cal packs were included, because they are NOT good for you, no matter what the package says, and 2) that food that IS good for you came down in price.

    I am certainly not voting for my entire food bill to go up by 100% per month

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