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Are probiotics supplements good for weight loss?

We have all had our bouts of upset stomachs, gas and bloating. We have probably all been told to take a probiotic to help with that. While we know our gut health is directly associated with how we physically feel, could it potentially play a role in overall weight loss and regulation?

Today we will look more closely at our gut bacteria and how probiotics affect these little guys. Also, we will discuss how probiotics could give you the edge that you need to help with your weight loss.


Regulation of body weight through bacteria of the gut


Can I lose weight with probiotics supplements ?


While there are more than a thousand different microbes that can be found in your gut, we will look at two specifics types and why they are important.

These two types of “good” bacteria happen to be dominant in the human gut. They are called the Bacteroidetes and the Firmicutes.

There are also “bad” types of bacteria that get into our guts that our body wants to fight off and get rid of.

The bad can make us sick, while the good can help us with digestion, absorption and overall weight maintenance.

Studies such as this (1), have shown that the amounts of the “good” bacteria listed above, differ in obese populations when compared to healthy populations. More specifically, Bacteroidetes are lower in overall numbers in obese people and actually rise during weight loss.

If you need more evidence that microbiome of our guts have a huge impact on our weight, then take a look at this study (2). Researchers were able to transplant a microbiome from an obese rat and place them into a lean rat.  They also did this with human subjects as well. Both the lean rat and human gained weight.

This is because having different levels of a microbiome can lead to a bigger energy harvest. In simpler terms, the bacteria in your gut can extract more calories out of the food for you to absorb. So both person A and person B can eat the exact same amount of something, but the person with the out of balance gut bacteria will actually absorb more calories, which overtime could lead to weight gain.

Having healthy numbers of these “good” bacteria are also crucial (3), as they help to produce vitamins B and K, as well as break down fiber that we couldn’t normally digest ourselves.




How does this translate to fat loss?


When worrying about weight loss, we really are talking about fat loss. Weight loss can occur through things like water, muscle or even bone loss because they all carry mass and contribute to your overall weigh. We wouldn’t recommend losing weight through anyone of those categories though.

So how do probiotics specifically help with fat loss? Well let’s look at some different families of these “good” bacteria. The Lactobacillus family is one of the most well researched and studied of the probiotic strains. Lactobacillus Fermentum in one study, was proven to help participants lose 3% body fat in just 6 weeks.

Other lactobacillus strands, such as Lactobacillus Gasseri and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus have also been found to help promote fat loss. In this study, Lactobacillus Gasseri influenced fat loss by increasing fatty acid oxidation through gene expression. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus has been shown to also have great effects on fat loss.


The missing puzzle piece


In other articles, I have stressed the importance of using both proper nutrition and exercise for achieving your fitness goals. Without this solid foundation, it will be very difficult to achieve your goals.

With every great plan, there will be cracks and gaps that can be slowing your progress. Well your gut health is one of them, and it has been found(1) that about 135 million Americans are suffering from gastrointestinal issues. That is 41% of the current U.S. population, which is crazy.

Probiotics can be the key to you fixing your stomach problems and giving you the boost in fat loss that you need.


What brand of probiotics is the best?


probiotics for weight loss?


My go to brand is IdealShape.

IdealShape’s probiotic blend contains the lactobacillus family that we discussed above, as well as Bifidobacterium Bifidum and Saccharomyces Boulardii both help with digestion of different macromolecules and help stop the gut from being overrun by “bad” bacteria.

It also contains a blend of prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics are certain types of indigestible carbohydrate that act as a fertilizer for the good bacteria already in our gut, which supports their health. Also IdealProbiotic has 32 billion good bacteria. By adding more good bacteria to your digestive tract, you improve your gut health, digestion, immunity, and weight loss efforts!

So don’t cut your weight loss efforts short by having poor gut health. Get your Ideal probiotic today so you can start seeing more progress tomorrow!


Do you take probiotics ? Tell us below how it makes you feel and the results you got from it ! 🙂

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