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The Number One Reason Women Fail With Fat Loss

What if I told you guys you’ve been lied to?

You’ve been told your whole life that diet and exercise are the two most important components when it comes to fat loss.

This is partially true. But in my 10 years of training thousands of women and preparing for my own national level figure competitions, I’ve learned an incredibly valuable piece of information: There is a third component that everyone overlooks when it comes to fat loss.

This third component is crucial. In fact, it might make the difference between success and failure when it comes to fat loss.

What is this mysterious third component?

Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing this powerful element of fat loss a little later plus a free 15-day fat burning program I’ve spent the past few years developing, but first let me tell you a story…

Megan’s Story

Megan was a busy mom ready for a change. Back in college, she was fairly fit, but then as it often does, life happened. A husband and two energetic kids later, she had gained some unwanted pounds through the years.

Now that her two kids were in school most of the day she figured it was time to get in shape, lose those last post-pregnancy pounds and make healthier decisions.

So, Megan did what most of us would do when we want fast solutions. She Googled!

She read tons of the best fat loss and weight loss articles and came to the standard conclusion that she needed to “diet” and start exercising every day.

Megan began restricting her calories and forced herself to jog 30 minutes each day. She kept this up for a week when she hit her first road block.

Her cravings, which she had managed to keep under control so far, got the best of her.

She had gone out to eat with her family and the buttery rolls at the table were just too tempting. Pretty soon one bite turned into 4 whole rolls, a handful of fries, a piece of cake for dessert, topped off with a heap of guilt.

The next day Megan found herself facing a new problem. She had heard about the benefits of resistance training, but didn’t know where to start. Sure, she could find pictures on the internet and examples, but she had a past injury she had specific questions about.

Feeling defeated, Megan forgot about resistance training and just stuck with the treadmill.

Finally, 3 weeks into her fat loss efforts Megan hit a wall emotionally. She didn’t want to diet anymore, she was hungry! She was sick and tired of boring workouts and discouraged by her lack of results.

She started to feel alone and that no one understood or could help. Megan decided it was too hard and wanted to give up.

The Problem of Going Solo

surround yourself with support

Have you ever felt like Megan did? I know I have and I know many of my clients have!

In my 10 years as a coach and personal trainer, I’ve come across many “Megan’s”, all frustrated that they couldn’t keep up with their cookie cutter fad diet and unchallenging workouts… no matter how thought out they were.

But what about those individuals who do reach their fat loss goals and keep it off? How on earth do they manage?!

The difference between those who are successful with fat loss and those who aren’t can be summed up in one word: Social Support.

The Buffering Model: The Key to Successful Fat Loss

social support is key for fat loss

The Buffering Model is the idea that “certain resources help to reduce the impact of negative life events on an individual’s health status.”

One of the most important buffering agents is social support!

Social support is a well-studied subject in psychology. It is defined as “resources, including material aid, socioemotional support, and informational aid, provided by others to help a person cope with stress.”

Social support isn’t just some nice fluffy thing that makes fat loss (or any obstacle for that manner) all blue skies and rainbows. It’s what is going to get you through the challenges of fat loss to reach your goals.

Losing fat and changing your lifestyle isn’t easy, it’s hard! But it can be a little easier when we include others in our journey. Science shows us repeatedly that going solo is not the way to approach weight loss!

It might seem a little unfair that Megan did her best but still failed due to lack of social support, but a recent study from Illinois found a similar outcome.

After 18 weeks of studying women on a weight loss program the researchers concluded:

“Our women didn’t find that accountability to themselves was so important, but having support from others was – just having that social support from someone who was going through the same experience,”

“What this study shows is that if you can find that one friend who has the same goals or can just hold you accountable, it is really helpful.”

Why Social Support Matters

Support is so important not only for weight loss, but also keeping it off!

It’s no secret that we as women are emotional creatures! We love having a shoulder to cry on, someone who understands us, and who is willing to listen when we need it. We crave that sense of support! 


In my experiences training for national level figure competitions, I know I wouldn’t have been successful without the constant support of my coach, my family, and other ladies who were going through the same challenges as me!

Having that social support also makes us more accountable, and accountability is vital when it comes to fat loss and habit change.

You could be on the perfect fat loss program, but if you don’t have someone to be accountable to besides yourself you’re not likely to succeed.

That’s why I created my 15 Day Fit Body Challenge. It has everything you need to succeed, including an incredibly strong support system that follows the Buffering Model!

The 15 Day Fit Body Challenge

Train with Lindsey and burn fat!

With my free 15 day challenge, you’ll get instant access to me, your very own personal trainer. Plus you’ll be added to our private Facebook group full of women looking to change their lives just like you!

The support from this group is truly amazing. Everyone cheers, gives advice, and inspires each other! Plus my team and I are there ready to help you with anything you need, you can literally ask anything!

Here’s what you’ll get with the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge:

  • Free Training and Coaching
  • Support from me your coach, and our AWESOME online community
  • Free Meal Plans That Are DELICIOUS
  • Free Workouts That Are Challenging and EFFECTIVE and Burn Fat
  • Free Access To Get Your Questions Answered

You’ve got nothing to lose here, except fat! If you are ready to get lean, look great, and most importantly be healthy, then sign up now!

I take out all the guesswork with my plan. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it, and if you have any questions, you’ll have constant access to me, you coach!

Don’t make the mistake of going alone, let us help you every step of the way! My capable team and I plus thousands of other women will be your buffer, your support, and help you reach your goals.



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