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Losing Weight as a Couch Potato

Some of us just don’t have the motivation or energy to get up off of the couch and be physical long enough to keep from becoming a spherical shape. I can relate since I sit at my desk for extended periods of time working without much exercise myself. However, I am still active enough to keep myself from reaching obese levels. I’m no super model, but I can still wear the same pants I was wearing 10 years ago. How do I keep from inflating as a full-time computer geek and couch potato myself?

1. Household Chores – During commercials on television, I get up and clean the house vigorously. Since I am a fan of hour long television shows, I can get about 15 minutes of cleaning done per hour. This doesn’t sound like a lot until you do it for every show you watch. See, the key to keeping those cupcake pounds from forming is continuous movement. Every 10 to 15 minutes, another five minute commercial break comes on and I keep moving.

2. Basic Exercises – If the house is spotless, I try to get in some kind of basic exercise during the commercial breaks. This could include situps, pushups, jumping jacks, touching my toes and the like. Virtually, any kind of movement is beneficial in order to prevent your body from becoming lethargic. The more movement you make, the better.

3. Video Games – Yes, we have a Wii and an Xbox Kinect in the house. We bought both of these units for the explicit use of being active while engaged in entertainment. Although you can “cheat” while using the Wii, it can be energetic if you make a house rule that any game played has to be on your feet. The Kinect on the other hand can grill you pretty good if you are too out of shape for some of the more strenuous games. One of the more beneficial aspects to playing the games is that I can get my children to get up and play with me.

4. Snacking – Now that Hostess is back in business, it doesn’t mean you need to play catch up on all of the deliciousness you were denied. Beef jerky, fruits, vegetables and other foods can be substituted for your TV watching snack. Instead of M&Ms, pound back some raisins. Instead of a bowl of ice cream, switch it to a cup of yogurt. Your snacking habits while sitting on the couch can be very detrimental to your health.

5. Child Servants – One thing many adults indulge in is using the children to get you something from the kitchen. Contrary to popular belief, children are not miniature butlers and maids. Instead of calling out someone’s name to get you a pop from the fridge, get up and get a tall glass of water. Rely more on yourself than what your kids can do for you. I lost five pounds by getting my own coffee from the kitchen – which is a floor up. When you drink as much coffee as I do, you walk up and down those stairs 20 times per day.

There’s nothing wrong with being entranced by media and television. As long as you can keep yourself active, you could begin to see a change in your body size as well as your energy levels. As long as you’re willing to mobilize yourself, you can be successful.

Author Bio:

Ken holds a master’s in business leadership from Upper Iowa University and multiple bachelor degrees from Grand View College.  As president of, Ken’s focus is helping Houston-based parents find the right childcare provider for their family. When he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his three children and his wife.


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    I have tried many ways to losing weight ,But I feel the effect is not ideal.
    Hope your tips are suitable for me

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