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Keepin it clean

Well you did it. You made it to the 12th, and final, week of ask fitness coach’s shape up challenge! We really hope that as you finish this last week you have noticed a change in your energy and fitness level. Hopefully you have also noticed a change in the way that your clothes fit. If you took a before picture don’t forget to take an after shot so you can see the results! Sometimes we don’t notice much of a difference until we see how far we really have come.

Throughout the past 11 weeks shared several ways for you to eat a healthy diet. We have talked about getting the right balance of nutrients, what you should be eating for your pre and post workout meals, the importance of a cheat day, and many others. Now here we are. The last nutrition article. There are a lot of things that we could talk about but we wanted to keep it simple this week. So for your last nutrition goal we challenge you to keep it clean.

What do we mean by that? We want you to take all of these goals that you have worked for and make them a habit. We don’t want this program to be something that you work hard on for several weeks and then go back to your old ways.

Eat lean meats. Consume a diet rich of fruits and vegetables. Drink water. Try not to eat a lot of boxed, frozen, or fast food meals. Yes, of course it is ok if you have a cheat day once a week (just make sure to control that and ONLY have it once a week). We do not want you to feel like you can never splurge and enjoy those guilt foods that all of us love, but for the most part we should only be putting clean, fresh foods into our body.

So keep paying attention to what kinds of fats you are consuming and continue keeping an eye on the amount of sugar in your diet. Keep your diet clean and you will continue to see results. You may lose weight or slim down but even if you don’t you will definitely feel healthy and strong and you will definitely not lose the progress you have already made.

Good luck and please continue to ask us any fitness questions you may have 🙂


If you are not a part of our 12 week shape up challenge, this is the nutrition article for week twelve of the challenge. Click here to join.

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