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  1. Cassidy

    Great article! I think I’m going to really try and go in it with a strategy.

  2. Mollie Richer

    I SO don’t want to gain weight over the holidays so thanks for the suggestions!

  3. adam man

    mmm….truffles…. haha just kidding. I’m planning on working out more so I can eat more. That works right?

    1. admin

      Depends if you want to lose weight or not. The more you eat the more you have to exercise to maintain your weight.

  4. kelli davies

    so eat protein and soup. just eat a little bit. i think i can do it. i have like 25 pounds to lose but i think i have to weight until after all of the dinners and stuffs over.

  5. adam man

    Well I honestly think I’m going to eat a lot so I’ll be spending my Christmas break at the gym for sure. I wish I had more self discipline. I definintely am going to try to make better choices.

  6. Kristin

    I’ve totally noticed that the “EAT SLOWLY” theory works best for me. I just try really hard to eat like one little carrot as slow as possible… and really I eat so much less junk! I am trying so hard this year too!

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