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  1. RaChelle Witt

    I have been a member of Weight Watchers several times. The first few times I joined the program it worked out for me very well. It specifically stated what to eat and how much to eat. It used the “food pyramid” ( 3 servings milk, 3 servings vegatables, 2 servings fruit, etc).
    When the program changed to points it was much easier to stay with the bad habits I grew up with. Consequently I did not lose much weight.

  2. Laura White

    As with all experiences, you learn good things and bad. I did like the point system in that if you are going to have a treat, there are ways to modify or substitute so that you are eating less points. I do like the fact that veggies are generally 0 points. I do not like that WW does not stress exercise more, especially weight lifting. There are so many benefits of weight training, especially for women. Some include an increased metabolism, strengthens bones, a shaped body and lifted glutes and chest. When you strengthen your body, it has a carry over effect on your mind and soul and you become a better person all around. Of course to maximize your results you need high quality protein which WW does not focus on. Unfortunately, most people I know that have done WW, loose weight but gain it back. I have found eating clean 6 times a day, working out with weights and cardio, and drinking Liv SXinney has given be the best results and makes me feel great!

  3. Carol

    I have been loving the WW program. Eating healthy has been stresses at our meetings… Not only for health reasons but also showing how to get more out of your points. They do also push getting your 30min of activity in a day. Maybe there are variatons in leader technices I’m sure, but I find the meetings encouraging of a healthy lifestyle. They continuely push the veggies, whole grains, lean protiens, dairy and even the healthy oils and why our bodies need them. Each week seems to be a reminder of how to make our bodies better.
    The points are great! If I have a special treat or go out to eat I know exactly what I’m eating. I know for the most part… Eating out even if choosing the best options I’m still gonna be needing to step up to more veggies and lower point foods to make up for the splurge of eating out. Before WW I was blind to what I was actually eating and how much of it. WW Make it easy to be accountable and to keep track of everything with the WW e-tools and the weight watchers apps for phones.
    I’m on my 5th week and I’m down 11lbs. I understand you could eat 20 something 1 point cookies all day to use your points, but WW equips you with recipies and much more appealing choices that fill you up with being able to sneak in a cookie here and there 🙂
    and as for the activity… I find time for at leat 30min and then check it off on the sTools to get my smiley face that gets checked off just like the five fruits and veggies, the 2 servings or dairy, 6-8glasses of water, whole wheats, lean protien, 2tsp of healthy oil, and multi vitamin! Iove striving to get a happy face on each one!!! Sounds cheesy, but it helps! Haha!

  4. Erinn Mater

    I love Weight Watchers, and it seems like most people who have done it do too! I lost 35 pounds and have been able to maintain that for 16 months now.

  5. Roman Khalid

    Wonderful site, where did you come up with the info in this article? I’m happy I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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