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  1. Kristin

    Awesome article. Everyone should read this before they start working out in a gym.

  2. Harrison

    I hate it when people leave their weights on the machines or dont put them back on the rack

  3. Adam

    “choose clothes that will keep you covered in every pose.”

    Awesome! And sooo true. I wish more people at my gym had read this article.

  4. Brian

    Great guidelines. I left a gym once only after my 1st day because of sanitation. One of the requirements of new members is to have a quick “how-to” of the machines, even if you’re familiar with them. Well, I was working on one machine with one of the gym staff supervising. Afterward, I wiped down the machine (pads/seat/back and grips – everywhere my body made contact.) The employee who was supervising said, “wow you do a real thorough job! no one usually wipes it down that well, you don’t have to wipe it that much.”

    Yea, I didn’t go back. Went to a new gym and people seem to care a lot more about sanitation.

    People who aren’t familiar with gyms might roll their eyes at the idea, but sorry, to me- spending an extra 20 seconds wiping a machine is A LOT better than staph infection.

    If everyone followed the guidelines in this article, going to the gym would be 10x more fun!

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