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Ipari Hana Xero Shoe Review

I’m an adventurer at heart. For the most part, I would rather be off in the mountains than anywhere else.

I would also rather be barefoot. Shoes are not my favorite thing in the world. If I wear anything with even the smallest of heels for more than an hour, my feet cry out in agony.

When I do have to wear shoes I opt for the minimalist variety.

So when I heard about the Ipari Hana shoe, and an invitation from its creator to, “Feel the world!” I was pretty excited to try it.

The Case For Minimalist Shoes

Now before you hop on either side of the fence with your opinion on minimalist footwear, (It’s the best! No, It will ruin your feet!) let’s do the smart thing and actually see what science has to say about it.

A few studies that focused on the mechanics of barefoot and minimalist running found less collision forces and better balance and proprioception. This can translate into less injury and stronger feet.

On the other hand, studies like this one from the University of Newcastle found that cushioned shoes showed less injury than minimalist footwear, and there was no significant evidence that minimalist shoes prevented injury.

Wait, so what is the official verdict? There really isn’t’ one. Basically, there a quite a few studies in favor of minimalist footwear and plenty against.

For some people, minimalist shoes work better and for others, traditional footwear takes the cake.

Like anything, minimalist footwear has its pros and cons, it really just comes down to the individual wearing them. For me, minimalist shoes feel and perform better for me.

What I Loved About The Ipari Hana


Overall, I really like the Ipari Hana. I would say it’s great adventure shoe! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Great for lifting. Flat heel ideal for heavy lifting.
  • Great for hiking. Protection around toe from rocks or sticks.
  • Nice style, not bulky, light weight.
  • Really gives you a barefoot feel which I LOVE.
  • Great price. Cheaper than Vibram (and you don’t have the ridiculous toes) and Merrill shoes.

What Could Be Better

Like any product, it’s not perfect. At least it wasn’t for me. Here are some things I think could be improved:

  • A way to make them tighter. I really had to cinch them up and they were still a little loose. This was probably because I had the men’s shoe. The women’s version would probably fit perfectly.
  • Not my favorite for pavement running.
  • The rubber started to peel off just a bit on the toe after a couple hikes.  A little disappointing.

Other Reviews:

Don’t just consider my opinion. Let’s see what others had to say about the Ipari Hana:

Final Thoughts

If you are an adventurer at heart and are looking for an affordable but quality minimalist shoe for everyday wear, then you’ll love the Ipari Hana from Xero Shoes.

You can get your very own pair for your adventures, here!

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