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  1. Skyler Meine
    Skyler Meine

    Great post Chelsea. It is always fun to indulge in a little chocolate but I may be a voice of reason here and say that moderation is essential.

    I don’t have any sources but my college physiology teacher said that dark chocolate is the best replacement for a tooth brush you can find. He said it clears the bacteria out of your mouth after a meal. Just sayin!

  2. Carla

    I’ll be joining you. I’m dipping 400 Strawberries in chocolate tomorrow for a friends wedding reception. I’m sure a few will make it into my mouth in the process 🙂

  3. City Share

    I always love hearing stories about people like Violet because it is great to hear about people living full lives. I hope she enjoyed those 82 years of working. It’s chocolate – she must have, right?

  4. peggy

    Very interesting information. I’m not a huge chocolate lover but very good to know the benefits it has.

  5. The Chocolate Priestess

    This is a good look at the various reports that have come out, something we try to do whenever a new study is revealed over on The Chocolate Cult. Something a lot of people don’t think about is the size of the group studied and their health condition before the experiment begins. Personally I get very annoyed when I see chocolate sellers touting “health befits” when it is very clear they really just want to make a bigger profit.

    Generally eating all things in moderation is still good advice even if that applies to chocolate.

  6. Chelsea Bush

    Thanks for your input everyone. I must admit I’m shocked to learn that some people don’t like chocolate… but I’m sure there are other ways to get your longevity fix. I just don’t know if they’ll be as fun to investigate. 🙂

  7. Julie Peterson

    I have been eating unprocessed Xocai Healthy Chocolate the past year and love it. I have lost weight, feel great, and no longer have acid reflux. There are studies all over the world done on the benefits of “unprocessed” cocoa. Not all chocolate is created equal.

  8. Bonnie Menges

    Violet, who preferred to be called “Granny”, was my Granny. What a nice surprise to stumble across this article. You made my day! She truely ate chocolate every day, in moderation of course. Thanks for the article.

  9. Joanna

    That’s my granny violet Brewer she took pride in her work and always looks forward to going to work she had to retire due to bad eyes going blind when she did go blind she always had her humor .me and my siblings grew up eating chocolate 🙂 she will always be remembered Thank you for writing this wonderful story about my granny 🙂

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