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  1. Deb

    Shower wipes! And all this time I’ve been using baby wipes!
    BTW: thanks for the mention, Chelsea!

    1. Chelsea

      I know! Word on the street is they’re 10 times better than baby wipes (for that sort of thing). 😉

  2. Larry

    I read the article on muscle confusion posted on yahoo. I have been talking about this for YEARS! Also many people I know who are into fitness know this is not a new amazing discovery! I have been changing up my workouts for years to keep from plateauing! Unbelievable!

    1. Chelsea Bush

      Yeah, we know P90X has been out for years. A little mix-up among the editors. But there’s more to muscle confusion than simply changing up your workouts, so hopefully the article is enlightening for those who haven’t tried using a muscle confusion strategy yet.

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