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  1. Harrison

    So does it get easier or harder to keep a 6 pack going once you have it?

  2. admin

    You don’t necessarily have to work harder to maintain a six pack, but sticking to a disciplined ab routine year-round can be tough! If you want to keep your six pack, you will have to stay motivated with exercise and nutrition. Don’t start slacking once you see those sculpted abs appear.

    On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with easing up on your strict ab routine sometimes. By maintaining balance, you are less likely to get burned out and give up completely.

    So why not commit to keeping your six pack through spring and summer, and then give yourself a break in fall and winter? You probably won’t need a chiseled stomach in the chilly weather months, anyway. Just make sure to stay in shape… or you’ll be starting all over again next year!

  3. ciara kearns

    I’m not a fitness coach but i learn this in PE. But if you have fat around the area your looking to gain muscle you have to lose the fat first e.g deiting slowly e.g eating 1200 cals a day while doing muscle and endurance exercise.

    Muscle Endurance Exercise Includes

    sit up- while making your way up to your knees you twist from side to side to develop the hip musle.

    the famous plank- but all your weight on your to back toes and your elbows. keeping your head facing the floor and your bum has to be low. Hold for 1min and then increase the time.

    These are the most effective stomach developing muscle exercises.

  4. Harrison

    So I’ve done a lot of ab workouts, have green tea at least once a day, and my diet is primarily eggs. I’ve seen that my abs are starting to appear but only at the top. The top are becoming more and more defined but I can’t seem to get the bottom to do anything. What should do to make my two pack a six pack?

    1. Chelsea Bush

      Glad to hear you’ve been using some of these pointers! The lower abdominal muscles can be a little more stubborn to define, maybe because they’re more likely to be shrouded in a bit of extra padding.

      Keep working on fat-burning activities, and put extra focus on movements in which you can engage your lower abdominal muscles. The bicycle maneuver is one; another is simply lifting your legs up to a 45 degree angle and lowering them back down while lying on the floor (remember not to arch your back). Sounds easy but you’ll feel your core working!

  5. Six pack abs great abs

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  6. DAN

    I am a student who although i don’t have a 6 pack, i am very well built!
    I recently had an appendicitis although i was in the middle of a strict ab routine over 10 weeks, as a result training is becoming difficult.

    the question is are there any exercises that i can do, whilst recovering from my operation to help tone my abs and keep the fat minimul?


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