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Guest post by Simon Robertson: 5 reasons green tea wants to be in your life

Tea is a gift from nature, a superfood and a digestive aid. It’s a refreshing beverage, a British formality and an everyday tradition in the East. Iced tea is served in almost every restaurant, and high-grade flavored teas can be sampled from specialty boutiques. There are many different varieties that offer unique qualities. Golden Moon lapsang souchong, for example, is known for it’s strong, smoky flavor. Tea is ingrained in our lives, and we all know it’s healthy, but what’s so great about tea, and why does the health community rave about it?

Here are five reasons why tea wants to be in your life, and you should want it in yours as well:

Lowers You Chance of Heart Disease or Stroke

You may have heard snippets of information about how tea is good for your heart, but let’s dig a little deeper. According to WebMD, research has shown that tea drinkers have a lower risk of heart disease and strokes, and they are able to recover from heart attacks faster. This is because tea is able to lower LDL cholesterol. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition shows that “adding five cups of black tea per day to a moderately low-fat diet reduces serum cholesterol levels,” as reported from Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

May Help Fight Cancer

In addition to weight loss, heart health and skin care, tea also contains properties that may fight against cancer. A senior researcher at the Institute for Cancer Prevention in Valhalla, N.Y. found that green tea, in particular, has eight to ten times more polyphenols than vegetables and fruits do, according to the WebMD article. Polyphenols are specific antioxidants that detoxify free radicals which damage cells inside of the body.

The types of teas that are possibly cancer-fighting are green, black, white and oolong tea, which all come from the same Camellia Sinensis tea plant.

Good for Your Skin

Beauty experts will rejoice when they learn how good green tea is for their skin and hair. Because of its anti-oxidant value, green tea can help prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. It also helps recover the skin from sun damage.

There are a sleuth of products in the health and beauty market, like shampoos, skin creams and toothpaste that use green tea in their ingredients. Some products are even marketed as “Green Tea-infused”.

Helps You Lose Weight

Green tea is known for increasing metabolism. Lifehack explains how green tea’s polyphenols intensify the fat oxidation process and speed up food-to-calorie conversion. This makes for a fantastic choice of beverage for those looking to shed a few pounds. Paired with regular exercise and a healthy diet, green tea is the optimal health drink.

Green tea supplements and matcha (high-grade green tea) are sold at many vitamin stores, and are popular among the natural food community.

Keeps You Focused and Relaxed and Tastes Good

Whether boiling water in an iron kettle to make English Breakfast tea, or setting a container outside in the hot summer to boil your tea with the sun heat, it’s easy to enjoy making it DIY. The rich flavor of a simple black, white or fruit-infused tea can be the perfect compliment to a light, healthy lunch.

Tea is also a great coffee alternative as it contains enough caffeine to keep you buzzing throughout the day, but lacks the come down effect that coffee has on its drinkers. A strong green and black combination tea can provide an energy boost with a unique calming effect, giving its drinkers focus and piece of mind.

With all the positive benefits that tea has to offer, pour yourself a tall, frosty glass of cold ice tea to beat the last few months of summer heat. Choosing unsweetened tea over soda or juice is a great option for quenching your thirst and cutting down on your sugar intake. You can also start stocking up on bulk bags to keep warm in the coming winter with hot, tasty herbal teas.


Simon Robertson: Simon is a freelance blogger and editor in the food and entertainment industry. His experiences in offal cuisine made him appreciate the art of cooking more than he thought possible.

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  1. Mike Gary

    Definitely agree with the weigh loss benefits, we use green tea in our KouTea weigh loss tea and it works great, really great to see that it can help you get smarter, amazing benefit. Overall green tea has great health benefits and it should be on everybody’s menu. Thank you for a great article.

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