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Guest post by Ken Campbell: 7 Ways To Stay In Shape During The Winter


winter3When the weather outside gets frosty, a lot of us take it as a cue to bundle up, cuddle up and stay inside.
Why bother going out into the cold, icy, windy weather when we can just sit on the couch and watch a
movie with a cozy blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. But all of this lazing around is bound to cause you
to pack on a couple of pounds. After all, these lower levels of activity are often accompanied by higher
levels of eating cookies! Even though it can be hard to motivate yourself to get outside and get active
when it’s so cold out – and there isn’t a bikini day in sight – you probably still want to keep yourself in
shape. It can be hard, but there are ways to make it enjoyable. Below are ten ways to stay in shape
during the winter.

1.     Get the right gear and run outside. Running outside is always more interesting and fun than
running on a treadmill, but it can seem like it’s too cold to do it in the winter. But if you invest in the right
leggings and long sleeved shirt, as well as gloves and a head covering, you can run outside in very low
temperatures and surprising comfort.

2.     Try some classes at the gym. Most gyms offer a range of fun classes to make your workout routine
more interesting. Try something new like Cardio Fusion or Pilates.

3.     Go to the museum. It might not feel like exercise, but sometimes it’s just about getting yourself out
the door at least once or twice each weekend. Hit a local museum and enjoy the artwork. It will keep you
on your feet for a couple of hours and you might even learn something new!

4.     Park farther away from your office building. Sometimes just adding a few extra minutes of walking
here and there can have a huge impact on your physical health. Try parking your car at the farthest end
of the parking lot instead of the closest.

5.     Take the stairs. Sick of going to the gym? Try skipping the gym for a week but taking the stairs every
time you would normally take an elevator. By the end of the week you might be excited to go back to the

6.     Get a jump rope. A lot of people think jumping rope is just for little girls in pigtails playing on the
sidewalk or in the recess yard. But don’t be fooled by these idyllic images of children simply having a
good time – jumping rope is hard work! It can provide you with a fun (and nostalgic) workout that you can
do in your own living room (assuming the ceiling is high enough).

7.     Get a free one-week pass to a new gym. Sometimes a change of environment can do a lot for your
motivation. Even if you are already a gym member, trying a new gym might be enough of a change to get
your adrenaline pumping. Put your regular membership on hold for a week if you can (tell them you’re on
vacation) and get a one-week pass to a new club. Maybe you’ll like it better and end up switching!

About the writer: Kennith Campbell is a writer for UltraSlide. Ken reviews Slide boards and other cross
training exercise equipment. Ken enjoys golfing and watching hockey in his free time.

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