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Guest author Sean Byrne: 3 Things You Should Never Do On A Treadmill At Home

I’ve been using treadmills for a number of years for training purposes and I’ve seen and heard of some daft and weird things that people do whilst using a treadmill. Some of these things are a little more obscure than others and in this article I wanted to address four activities people need to be made aware of and avoid at all costs. Engaging in these activities which are talked about below, can potentially injury you, cause damage to the treadmill machine and discourage you from using your treadmill.

So… lets move on and discuss the three things you need to avoid whilst using your treadmill for home use.

Jumping On The TreadBelt As Its Moving

You’d be surprised how often I see this happen in gyms or when certain young people are testing out a treadmill machine in a store. The idea is to hop on the treadmill as its moving. This is the first no-no that I want to mention. Why? Because this can lead to multiple issues. Let me explain. Hopping on the treadmill belt as its moving can result in you misplacing your balance very easily. You can very easily injure yourself whilst pursuing this maneuver. Even at low speeds of say 2-3 mph is enough force to push you off balance and cause injury.

I have actually witnessed an incident like this before where someone decided it would be fun to experience the thrill of hopping on the treadbelt at a fast speed. Of course when they made there move, they completely lost balance and fell side ways on the belt and banged their head off the side of the machine, whilst simultaneously being thrust backward from the force of the moving belt. I can tell you know, it wasn’t a pretty sight! So please folks.. dont try this at home, not matter how thrilling it might seem.

Using a Treadmill That Cant Facilitate Your Weight

My next point is with regards to treadmill use and your weight capacity. Its most important that you really make sure that the machine you are using can support your weight. In the past, I have come across users who have opted for the cheaper end of a treadmill model, only to be disappointed a number of weeks later because the machine was not able to support their weight. Breakdown’s in certain components of the treadmill such as the motor or the treadbelt have become victims of damage due to its user’s purchasing a machine that can not support their weight.

Not only does the treadmill become damaged due to incompatibility between user and machine, but the user can also injure themselves in the process. An example would be if the treadbelt breaks or the frame becomes unstable, the user could potentially be jerked to one side, lose balance and fall off the treadmill. So please be sure to use a machine that can support your weight.

Using Your Treadmill As A Clothes Hanger

Unfortunately for a lot of folks who purchase a treadmill, end up using it for a few months and then slowly begin to lose their motivation for using this expensive health investment. There are various reason for the treadmill not getting the attention it once did from its users. One of the main reasons is laziness! Its important to be conscious of the fact that you paid good money to improve or maintain your health and fitness levels and its important to get the most out of your investment by using it on a regular basis.


Author: Sean operates a website called The site reviews product brands such as sole treadmills and Horizon models such as the T101 machine.

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