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Guest author Richard Keane: ​Why Are More Men Choosing Weight Loss Surgery?

The statistics for weight loss surgery are fairly shocking: Within the space of ten years the number of
procedures being carried out in the USA has increased more than ten-fold and the number of men
having bariatric surgery has increased significantly.

Why are more men having surgery?

Obesity rates among both sexes are increasing year on year in the USA and other Western countries,
so it makes sense that surgery is becoming a more popular option for both men and women. In the
past, more women had the operation, but as more and more men go under the knife, there is less of
a stigma attached to surgery and there is no doubt that the procedure has become more acceptable
in society. The number of procedures carried out also reflects the availability of treatment. Clinics
all over the world offer weight loss surgery and procedures have also become more affordable as a
result of increased competition.

Men traditionally lose weight faster than women. You only have to watch an episode of the hit
weight loss show The Biggest Loser to see this, with many of the male contestants shifting huge
amounts of weight during their first week of calorie-controlled eating and intensive exercise. Weight
loss is a huge commitment, especially if you have a large amount of weight to lose, and you will
be required to stick to a healthy eating plan and a good exercise regime to shift the pounds. For
some people, this commitment is too much while others simply don’t have the time to lose weight
naturally and have surgery to lose the weight as quickly as possible in a bid to save their lives.

Is weight loss surgery an easy option?

Weight loss surgery may seem like an easy option, but no doctor should recommend the procedure
without due cause. Patients should be encouraged to focus on their diet, exercise and lifestyle habits
to lose weight naturally, before even thinking about going under the knife. Weight loss surgery is
effective in some cases, but there are risks associated with the surgical procedures and the decision
to have surgery should never be taken lightly.

After surgery patients must also commit to a different lifestyle. Weight loss surgery affects the
body’s ability to digest food and over-eating will cause problems. Procedures are designed to reduce
the amount of food absorbed by the body and eating like you used to will undoubtedly be harmful.

Is weight loss surgery for me?

Weight loss surgery is designed for people who have a lot of weight to lose. Men should have at
least 100lb of extra weight to even consider having weight loss surgery and you should try exercise
and changes to your diet before thinking about surgery. A doctor or personal trainer can help you
with exercise ideas and regime and they will also be able to provide you with advice about nutrition.
If you are used to a sedentary lifestyle and you eat a lot more than you need to, you will find that
cutting down your calorie intake and exercising on a regular basis will help you to shift weight

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