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Guest author Kat Kraetzer: 10 Top Tips for Eating Healthily for Men Over 60

As we get older our need for calories wanes as our metabolism slows down. If your level of
physical activity reduces as well then there is even more reason to keep an eye on how much
food you consume. If you are regularly taking in more calories than you are working off then
the result will be weight gain. Men in particular can gain weight around their middle as they
grow older which can lead to heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Here are some foods that you
should definitely tuck into however:

1) Fruit and veg
Fruit and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet and will help to maintain a healthy
heart and potentially ward off fatal diseases that become more common as men age. Aim for
a minimum of 5 a day.

2) Oily fish
Fish should make up a considerable part of your diet as it is a healthy source of protein and is
full of omega-rich fats that are essential in cell regeneration. Some studies indicate that a diet
rich in fish can help stave off Alzheimers and other forms of dementia.

3) Lean protein
It’s important not to consume too much animal fats as they can thicken arteries and increase
high-blood pressure which can lead to potentially life-threatening heart disease. White meat
such as chicken and turkey however provide essential amino acids that keep the body healthy
whilst providing you with energy.

4) Dairy products
Although avoiding a diet high in animal fats you nonetheless still need to maintain a good
level of dairy in your diet in order that you consume plenty of calcium. Calcium is essential
in maintaining healthy bones, which are susceptible to losing their density as we get older.
Keep it healthy by sticking to low-fat milk and low-fat cheeses such as cottage cheese.

5) Oysters
Oysters are supposedly an aphrodisiac and so may help to bolster a flagging libido however
they may be more useful for helping to ward off prostate cancer. Oysters are high in zinc and
recent studies have revealed that zinc helps protect against cell damage that may leads to
prostate cancer.

6) Tomatoes
Tomatoes are rich in a nutrient called lycopene which has shown to have high anti-oxidant
properties which can potentially protect against developing cancer. These benefits of these
properties are maximised when the lycopene is cooked, making cooked tomatoes even
healthier than their natural state.

7) Bananas
Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium, both of which can help to prevent stroke so
are a useful fruit for aging men. Have cut up in your regular cereal if you’re not a fan of them
on their own.

8) Brazil nuts
Brazil nuts are naturally high in selenium, a nutrient that can help fight off heart disease and

protect prostate health. Nuts in general are also packed with vitamin E which is great for skin,
hair and nails.

9) Broccoli
When fitting in your 5 a day aim to put broccoli on the menu regularly; it’s one of the most
nutrient and vitamin-rich vegetables and is believed to help protect against a variety of
cancers, as well as contributing to good overall health. Studies have revealed that those who
consume at least 5 portions a week reduce their risk of bladder cancer by half – bladder
cancer is about three times as common in men as it is in women.

10) Whole-grains
Make sure you get your carbohydrates from whole-grains so avoid white bread, pasta and
rice. Whole-grains are full of fibre which may protect against colon cancer. They are also
good for the heart and the prostate.

Of course, healthy eating isn’t just a men’s health issue, or an over-60’s issue, it’s relevant
to all of us. However, older men are already more prone to suffering from obesity related
problems such as high blood-pressure and cholesterol levels, and so should be particularly
careful when it comes to their eating habits.

Written by Kat Kraetzer, an experienced blogger working in the health-care industry for
many years

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