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Guest Author Jenny Williams: Work your way out to prevent stretch marks

Stretch marks, the most inevitable aspect of weight loss, are now becoming a growing cause of concern for most individuals who aim to become fitter. These stretch marks are often caused by fluctuations in your body weight and appear as unsightly pink, reddish brown, brown, dark brown or purple colored marks. Stretch marks are probably the most irritating and undesirable aspect of losing and gaining weight.

Surveys have shown that stretch marks have often de-motivated most individuals to work out and focus on fitness. This is mainly because most of them dread the appearance of the unsightly stretch marks on their bodies, soon after losing weight. If you’ve been wary of these stretch marks, consider reading along for some effective ways to lose weight without gaining stretch marks.

What causes stretch marks?

Before you deal with stretch marks, it is imperative for you to understand what leads to formation of stretch marks on your skin. Just as the name suggests, stretch marks are caused by stretching of your skin. The sudden loss or gain of weight causes skin to stretch beyond its normal limits. On being stretched constantly, the skin does not bounce back to its pure state. This causes your dermis to break down and leaves behind stretch marks on your skin.

Don’t want stretch marks to come in the way of your fitness regime? Read along for some effective ideas to become fitter without getting stretch marks.

Work out the ‘smarter way’

Stretch marks appear when you lose or build up large amounts of muscle in a short period of time. Overdoing or expanding muscle mass during weight training causes your skin to overstretch. This causes formation of stretch marks. Moderation is imperative while working out. Follow the given ideas to work out and exercise in the right manner, without developing stretch marks:

1.      Instead of increasing the amount of weight you’re lifting, consider increasing the number of times you lift them. This will check the amount of muscle fiber you recruit, and you wouldn’t bulk up quickly. If you work on increasing repetitions with lesser weights, you’re likely to observe better and longer lasting results. Of course, the stretch marks won’t be bothering you too!

2.      Make it a point to do your cardio regularly, even if you’re fixated on getting bigger. Cardio, the calorie-burning exercise, is a must for everyone. It can help you lose weight and limit your muscle build up, so as to prevent stretch marks.

Exercise, trim and tone in moderation is your key defense in preventing stretch marks and reducing their occurrence. Along with cardio, make sure you include sit-ups, abdominal crunches and leg lifts to get rid of stretch marks.

Eat right

Indulging in binge eating can cause sudden weight gain, which causes formation of stretch marks on your body. Restrict your intake of calories to keep stretch marks away from your body. Studies have shown that increasing intake of Vitamin C in your diet promotes collagen production. This helps in dealing with early stage stretch marks.

Proper skin car

Another way to grapple the problem of stretch marks is to adopt proper skin care measures. Consider moisturizing your skin, as dry skin further aggravates the problem of stretch marks. You can also opt for stretch marks removal creams available in the market. Make it a point to prioritize your skincare and exfoliate your skin from time to time.

If you’re on the heavier side, consider losing fat. Reducing body fat can be really useful, as stretch marks often appear on fatty areas of your body. Mostly, stretch marks fade away with time. They are easy to deal and tackle in the initial stage, when these marks are mostly red or purple in color.


Author bio
Jenny Williams is an avid blogger, who writes about beautifying skin through natural remedies, wellness practices and using best therapies for skin care. Besides writing, she works with Lifecell anti aging cream as a skin expert. Jenny is very particular about her writing and wardrobe. Reading is not a mere hobby, but a gratifying experience for her.


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