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  1. Maggie

    Are you guys in the market for a copy editor? A proof reader? Maybe just a quick lesson on the difference between your and you’re?
    Let me know.

    1. admin

      Thanks Maggie but unless your (get it? I made that one on purpose) in the market for an editing job that pays you zero dollars, we’re going to have to pass. Though to save you’re (AGAIN) sanity we’ve gone ahead and updated the post.

      Ask Fitness is a blog and we’ve noticed that we do sometimes have issues with your/you’re, then/than, and their/there/they’re. I know it’s horrible but until we start charging you guys for all this great stuff we can’t afford any English Majors. Just fitness coaches.

  2. Sue Nielsen

    I could use one of these on my daily walks. I hate carrying a purse, or loading my pockets.

  3. Kimberly C.

    Awesome bag! My daughter would love this! She is currently in nursing school and is an avid outdoors junky and also could use this for the gym at shool! <3 Thanks!

  4. ~JEWEL~

    I like it !! I’ve tried using a fanny pack type of thing but the water bottle never fits and I end up leaving it who knows where. That looks small enough to not be an annoyance to other people too.
    (PS ignore the spelling police. It’s an arrogant post)

  5. Melissa (Mel)

    Awesome bag! I definitely need one now . . . fingers crossed that I win it so I won’t have to buy it. ;o)

  6. Connie Williamson

    This is the perfect solution to my problem! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

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