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How to get a flat stomach – Secrets and Myths

 We have all heard the phrase, “abs are made in the kitchen.” This phrase does exist for a reason because without proper nutrition, you can’t lose the fat that is covering your abs or oblique’s. Getting a six pack requires dedication and patience.

What if I told you though, that there is a trick you can do to make your stomach slimmer and flatter, no matter where you are at in your fitness journey? Whether you are a beginner and have a decent amount of fat covering your mid-section, or you already have a toned six pack, but your stomach looks distended, this quick trick will help you to tighten and slim up your belly no matter what.


The Secret to flatter stomach

It is time to become acquainted with your transverse abdominis. This muscle might have a funny name, but it serves as an important mechanism in posture, protection of your organs in your abdomen, and helps us maintain normal bowel movements by aiding your intestines with peristalsis.

This little magic muscle is the inner most layer of your abs. It is under your rectus abdominis (think six pack), as well as both your internal and external obliques.

It runs transversally, or horizontally, around our midsection, creating a sphincter like shape. When contracted, it acts like a weight belt that tightens everything down.

Transverse abdominis muscle flat stomach graph
By utilizing this muscle, you can truly achieve a slimmer stomach in just a few weeks!


Why is it important to incorporate this muscle?

essentially pushing your gut tube organs out into your abdominal wall. With every crunch or sit up you do without activating this muscle, your guts don’t have anywhere to go except outwards.

When they constantly push against your abdominal wall, overtime it will distend your stomach. So even if your nutrition plan is on point and you drop your body fat percentage down, if you have a distended stomach, it will look like you have a gut when you wear a shirt.

Still don’t know exactly what I am talking about?

Here are two pictures that I want you to look at. Notice a difference?

geting a flat stomach abs


They both have minimal body fat percentages, which allows both individuals to show off their abs. The difference comes from the individual on the left having a severe distension of his abdomen.

This is an extreme example, but the point remains true. You need to consciously use your transverse abdominis until it becomes second nature. Whether you have abs or not, you will still achieve a tighter stomach by doing so.


How do I use this muscle?

Have you ever walked or jumped into a cold pool or lake? When the water hits your waist, you get that reaction of everything getting pulled in and tight.

That, my friends, is your transverse abdominis in action.

Before every ab exercise, you should tighten and synch down that muscle, and keep it isometrically contracted throughout the entire set of your ab workout.

Doing this will not only knock a few inches off of your waist line quickly, but will also improve your posture and make you stronger because you have a more stable core.


What next?

So you have the transverse abdominis included in all ab workouts? Great! You are already on your way to a tighter and more toned abdomen.

Let’s go back to the introduction though. Yes, this trick will help you initially because most people have slightly distended stomachs, but this will only do so much for you in actually getting toned abs.

You need a strong nutrition plan if you truly want to get a flat and toned stomach. I have talked about this before, but I will mention it again.

Supplements should be a staple in your plan and are key to bridging nutritional gaps that are present in the majority of people’s diets. Maybe you aren’t getting enough protein or maybe L-carnitines mechanism of increased beta oxidation will give you the edge you need to achieve your fitness goals!

I highly suggest checking out this article that will help give you an idea of the best supplements that can help you shred the fat and get those abs to show!

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