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  1. KCLAnderson (Karen)

    Kettlebells!! What an incredible workout. In the 10 weeks since I’ve been using them, I’ve whittled my waist, increased my strength in ways I never imagined and most importantly, have significantly reduced the amount of pain in my lower back and joints/tendons!

    1. Chelsea Bush

      Sweet! I’ve been meaning to buck up and start lifting (for real) and kettlebells are on my wish list. I didn’t realize they were that versatile – thanks for the tip!

    2. Martyna

      G’day Renee,Great to meet you at Bootcamp. You are an enecllext hugger – one of my favourite sports.I agree with your last paragraph about buying BUT not using is a waste of time. I usually walk 4 -5 Km around our hills most mornings, and then do 15-18 minutes on a vibrating plate machine which was suggested by our wonderful Gold Coast Osteopath, Malcolm Hampson. It seems to keep my knees, ankles and hips in enecllext condition, and when doing my daily list of ” Gratefuls ” it is always included.CheersHarry

  2. Kristin K

    Loved hearing about your fitness arsenal! I totally want a body bar.

  3. Chelsea Bush

    So everyone on the Facebook page is raving about medicine and bosu balls… Apparently my fitness arsenal could use a few more balls! 🙂

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