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  1. k

    as a runner myself, i am simply appalled at times by my fellow runners that do not engage in other activities like strength training. i work extremely hard with both as well as focus on stretching and foam rolling. we are all entering races and it would be a shame to have our training and events sidelined because of injury.

    also to those starting out PLEASE PLEASE go to a specialty running store get a proper fitting for shoes! the wrong shoes could cause injury and sideline your goals to get in shape.

  2. admin


    There is no question that runners should be foam rolling and doing dynamic stretching to improve the health of their muscles. Strength training and shoes are essential to the whole process as well.

  3. Jen Cassetty

    I totally agree with all of the above. Specialty shoe stores know how to fit your foot, strike, and style. Sometimes athletic shoes just are a half size difference than your regular street shoe size when you get down to it. As for the cardio and strength balance … together they make you all around fit and healthy. And balanced. We like balanced lives. 😉 -Jen

  4. Julia

    So I have been a runner all throughout highschool with track and fieldhockey and now that I am in college and am 19 yrs old, I have bumped up my summer workout schedule to running 5 miles a day. I take a day off every 2 weeks because I’m too stubborn to do it once a week. I also started swimming a half a mile a day on top of that and I do strength training for about an hour everyday after my run (alternating days between doing legs and arms). I have sort of reached a plateu after doing this for about a month and a half. I like the way I look, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not seeing the results i feel i should be seeing with how consistent I have been. I have been drinking just under a gallon of water a day, and have been eating very healthy as well. I just want the toned look. Thoughts?

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