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Exercising at Home: Why You Should Buy Your Own Treadmill

treadmillWhen it comes to having a regular workout routine, one of the best investments you can make it to buy a treadmill. Having your own treadmill at home allows you convenient access to one of the best pieces of exercise equipment money can buy. Here are the top nine benefits of owning your own treadmill at home:

  1. Natural Exercise – Treadmills are all about running, jogging and walking. These are three of the most natural forms of exercise there are. Walking regularly helps tone muscles, as well as burn calories.
  2. Workout Variations – Treadmills provide workout routines of different variations. You can switch things up whenever you like by changing the inclines and declines. You can also get a great workout by changing up the speeds in intervals.
  3. Workout Versatility – When you buy a treadmill, you’re buying a piece of workout equipment with versatility for everyone in your home. It can provide low-impact workouts for those healing or in need of rehab. It also provides high-impact workouts through intense running.
  4. Convenient Workouts – Having a treadmill in your home means you get to decide how, when and where you want to exercise. You can workout in your home gym, backyard, TV room, even your bedroom. It’s great for a spontaneous workout after a big meal.
  5. Private Workouts – Personal treadmills allow you to exercise in the privacy of your own home. If you’re a bit self-conscious, this is one of the biggest benefits of owning your own treadmill.
  6. Safe Exercising – Indoor treadmills are much safer than walking, jogging and running outside. You eliminate the threat of stepping in holes, tripping on cracks and dealing with bad weather issues. This decreases the chances of workout injuries.
  7. Metabolism &Circulation – Walking is very healthy for people of all ages. It boosts your metabolism and helps with circulation. Running on a treadmill is known to help suppress the appetite. When combined with a healthy diet, a regular walking and running routine can help you lost up to four pounds per week, the healthy way.
  8. Simple to Use – When you buy a treadmill, you’ll find that they are very easy to program so that you can keep track of your exercise routine. They allow you to control the incline, speed and time of your run or walk. They also provide a convenient way to track the amount of calories you burn during your workout.
  9. Full Fitness Program – With the correct routine, treadmills allow you to exercise both your lower and upper body muscles at the exact same time. This gives you a more efficient way to lose weight, exercise your heart, build body muscle and develop six pack abs. whatever your ultimate workout goals are, you can achieve them when you buy a treadmill from Pro-Form.

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    Here’s another article about a study that gives an additional reason to use a treadmill. It can keep you young:

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