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  1. HowIRockedIt

    This really spoke to me! I have been loosing weight consistently (about 40lbs now), but recently I hit a massive Plateau. Instead of giving up, stubbornly fought though it in the “i just need to work harder” mentality. Resulting in a 60-90min high impact cardio routine 7 days a week, and eating a restricted 1100 – 1500 calorie diet. Result? The scale did not budge and inch – after 2 weeks of this my body lost 0.0 and the scale stayed in the exact same place. I literally cried with my feet still on the scale.

    Stumbling across your article, really made sense – why not have 1 day to let my leptin levels spike – better yet why not mix up the 1 free day during the week to keep my body guessing. My brain seems to act in an “all or nothing state” so having a “free” day will still need to feel controlled to prevent binging. But allowing myself a little “treat” will feel more encouraging and less like a fight to the bitter end.

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