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Flavia Del Monte’s Rockin’ Curvalicious Workouts

Want No-Nonsense female fitness advice from someone that has done their homework?

Flavia Del Monte the wife of Vince Del Monte the creator of the, No-Nonsense Hardgainer Guide to Building Muscle, recently launched a platform to help women get lean, sexy, and curvy bodies at

It is her belief that most trainers are flat out training women incorrectly to get them the results that they want. And we don’t entirely disagree. There has been so much misinformation shared in the fitness industry about women and toning their bodies it is hard to know what the truth is. Science and experience using Flavia’s program have convinced us she is right on.

The reality is women are being marketed all kinds of weight loss and fitness products. Believe it or not, almost 95% of the information out there is DEAD WRONG and created by people who are more interested in swiping your credit card rather than swiping the fat from off your body! Because of the excessive amounts of information being marketed women are using poor information and getting bad results.

She identified 5 “Muscle Toning” Myths Women Must Stop Believing…

Myth #1 – Toning is “Firming up the Muscle”.

Myth#2 – Toning is a result of just burning fat

Myth #3 – Toning is a result of just adding lean muscle

Myth #4 – Toning is a result of low weight, high reps and lots of bodyweight exercise.

Myth #5 – Heavy weights will make you look “bulky”.

For the facts about these myths check out Flavia’s answers at

For example, women need to be training their fast twitch muscles because their bodies are made up of primarily slow twitch muscle. And the best to make this happen, ” Hard Freaking Work.” She believes in training not exercising and doing it consistently for the long-term. Everybody starst at ground zero, so don’t worry you can do it.

Why should you listen to Flavia Del Monte? She has been using her body as a test subject for 7 years. She is a personal trainer and has reached out to other personal trainers, including Ryan Watson to create this program.  She also trained under one of the top nutritional experts in the world Doctor John Berardi.

The story behind Flavilicious Fitness

The fitness industry needs Flavia Del Monte’s honesty in regards to how women should be exercising and eating to get the body they want.  The 5 myths for females is an important read to get women thinking correctly about what a program needs to include in order for them to be successful.  Read the report and you will learn why eating low calorie diets doesn’t work, why cardio isn’t the best way to lose weight, why lifting weight won’t make you look like a man, and why your age shouldn’t keep you from achieving the body you want.

Take a minute to get more educated about Women’s Fitness and how to get the Lean, Sexy, Curvy, Body You Deserve & Desire.

Click Here:

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  1. Heather

    Hello I have lost 80 pounds in a yrs time with diet and exercise. I have had 5 pregnancies with 5 c-sections. My belly needs some good exercises to tighten it all back up, I do crunches , sit ups, ab machines at the gym but not much progress. Any advise? What else can I do?

    1. admin

      Congratulations on weight loss. That is awesome!

      You need to start with more stability work that targets the transverse abdominus (the muscle that runs from hip bone to hip bone just below your belly button). Planks and Lateral Planks are a great place to start. Work up to holding these positions for one minute. Once you have mastered these exercises start doing more demanding planks like Ball Planks, Single Arm Planks, and Lateral Plank Lifts.

      If you are looking for a more complete solutions we would definitely recommend, Truth About Abs, Mike Geary is the premier fitness coach when it comes to abdominal training.

  2. Chris

    Hello, I just happened to find your page and have been looking for information on a workout routine for myself. I’m 52 yrs old; all my life, I have lived in phases of being either slightly overweight or really in shape. The last 5 yrs I have spent being almost completely sedentary. I just had a check up and for the first time in my life, my doctor mentioned my weight. I know I need to do something. I have a gym membership; I’m good at knowing what to do where cardio is concerned and KNOW that at my age, I need to do weight bearing exercises. I also do NOT expect to look like a 20yr old super model either, but I honestly have NO clue what to do when it comes to the weight machines at the gym. My major areas of concern are my upper arms, lower abs, thighs and buttocks. Any suggestions for a workout routine that would benefit me? Thanks for your time!

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