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Confessions of a Chocoholic.

Confession time…

I have a problem. A serious one.It has been my downfall since I was a little girl.I have a major sweet tooth.I’m not kidding you. It is out of control!

Especially this past year.

Almost exactly a year ago I found out I was pregnant and it was all downhill from there. For most of my pregnancy I had terrible morning sickness (I’m not sure why they call it morning sickness when it lasts the ENTIRE day!). It didn’t go away after the first trimester either, it was pretty much my whole pregnancy. For a while it seemed like the only thing I ever wanted (and the only thing I could hold down) was a cream slush from Sonic and some chocolate . There were some days when that was all I ate. I know, I know… It was terrible. But the point is, I got in a really bad habit of indulging my sweet tooth when before I could keep it at bay. Now my son is three months old and surprise, surprise, I am still having those unbearable cravings for sweets and it is super hard to not give in. Really really hard. But when I had my son I was serious about losing my baby weight. I was on a mission to lose it and I wasn’t going to let my crazy sugar cravings stop me.

I found a couple of things that really helped me so I thought I’d be a pal and share what I did to control my cravings and I’m hoping I can help one or two of my fellow chocoholics along the way.

I started by giving up treats completely. Cold turkey. Now I know this doesn’t work for everyone but I figured this would be the only way I could do it. I had tried limiting myself and saying I would only have a small treat once a day or something like that but it never worked. So I challenged myself to give them up altogether. Actually.. just kidding. I gave myself a cheat day once a week. On that day I indulge in whatever I want and I don’t feel the least bit guilty for it. On the other days of the week, however, I turn the other cheek when that sweet tooth comes a knockin.

When I started I told my husband my goal and asked him to help me along the way. I knew I needed someone to intervene in my nightly cravings for a sugar cookie at the Sweet Tooth Fairy which is an adorable and delicious bakery that is just down the street from our apartment. Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Salt Lake City Utah, look them up. Anyway, back to the point. A support system is always a great thing to have when you are trying to accomplish a goal.

Besides loving treats, I am also hopelessly in love with gum. My husband hates that I love gum but I think he hates me complaining about my sweet tooth even more. So I made a deal with him that as long as I didn’t break my goal of no sweets I could have all the gum I wanted without him bugging me about it. So instead of snacking on oreos or ice cream I chew gum. I buy the sugar free stuff. My favorite is the watermelon or tropical flavor from trident. MmmMmm.

Another thing I did to help was find something that I could replace my dessert with that is almost as good as the real stuff. For me that replacement treat was IdealShape. I love, love. LOVE their chocolate peanut butter bars. And their chocolate shake with a little peanut butter blended in is pure heaven. Low in calories and high in nutrients. Can’t get much better than that. So when that sugar monster comes raging like it always does, I run for my stash of IdealShape products.

My last piece of advice is to give it time. My first week of cutting out treats was death. I literally counted down until my cheat day (pathetic right?). But it got easier and easier. Sure I still have those slip up days when I find myself hiding in the pantry, devouring handfuls of chocolate chips.. But when that happens I try not to beat myself up too bad and I get back on track with my goals.

What do you do to defeat that awful sweet tooth? Hook a sister up and share what works for you. After all, we’re all in this together, right?



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    1. admin

      I totally agree! When people aren’t giving themselves a cheat day they are more likely to go crazy and then just give it. It definitely helps to have one!

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