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  1. FitInMyHeart

    RT @askfitnesscoach: New post: Can You Keep Up With the Kardashian’s Core Workout? //…

  2. Don't Quit : Why are people quitting? | Freshman Fifteen Funk
  3. Homerenovates

    Kim’s Curve Shaping Workout! A beautiful booty is essential to looking great in your jeans, but what good is a drop dead bottom without a great top? AMAZING ABS BODY SCULPT is an ab defining and calorie burning workout utilizing isolation techniques from ACE-certified fitness instructor Jennifer Galardi to tighten, tone and accentuate your curves. Kim’s first workout focuses on the core, arms, hams and balance in a great cardio workout, while the second includes pushups and stair runners and teaches proper breathing techniques. Finally, “No Pooch Pull” hip lifts with plank holds make the bonus Ab Blast a tummy sleeking and posture improving must-do workout! This workout will definitely help you Fit In Your Jeans by Friday!

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