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The Calum Von Moger Workout: Does it Work?

What if we told you that the Calum Von Moger Workout could get you closer to having 21 inch biceps and a 50 inch chest?

Would you want to know more about it?

Those measurements are from the body of the 3x Mr. Universe champion, Calum Von Moger. He has spent countless hours working and sweating over different workout programs that have got him to where he is at today.

We have gathered heaps of Calum’s training knowledge and workouts on this page so you don’t have to search the internet looking for them! Everything you need to know about what exercises he does, how to tone your own body, how to bulk up, and more!

We have divided the Calum Von Moger workout up based on different muscle groups and the different programs that Calum offers. Click the easy links and jump straight to the section you want now!

Calum Von Moger Workout: Legit or Not?

The workouts that we will talk about in this article are the same ones that Calum Von Moger uses.

Still skeptical if the Calum Von workout will give you results?

Watch this one minute video (or even 10 seconds) and think again. It is pretty convincing.

Calum Von Moger Workout: Old School Chest 

It is not by chance that Calum Von Moger is known as Arnold 2.0.

The training he does reflects the “old school” style of bodybuilding. Their goals back then were to have the most proportional and pleasing to the eye body instead of the “how big can my biceps get” mentality.

Growing up idolizing greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Draper, Calum has developed many different workouts that emulate the old school style of lifting.

Watch as he goes through his “old school workout” for chest workout and rewind time back to the 70s and 80s.

Calum Von Moger Workout: Armed and Ready

In the spirit of aesthetic bodybuilding, Calum has created a killer arm workout that will leave your arms feel like shredded noodles.

Let’s be real. Everyone wants to have bigger and toned biceps and triceps. Its a modern day staple in the ideal body.  Get out of your old routine for arms and get ready to see some results.

As you do this workout just follow Calum’s Golden Rule. “At the end of your workout, try and touch your shoulders. If your biceps are so pumped up you can’t reach them, you’ve done your job well. If you easily get a hand on each deltoid, you need to keep pushing.”

Calum Von Moger Workout: Delt Demolition

The Delt Demolition workout will….well… demolish your delts!

In order to have a perfectly proportional body such as Calum Von Moger, you must have an extensive knowledge of how to make gains with certain muscles groups. Calum has put his knowledge to work and has developed this delt workout to make everyone feel the burn.

If you want to gain some mass and strength in your delts you have come to the right place. Watch the video now and get ready to get swoll.

Calum Von Moger Workout: Washboard Abs

You can’t be a 3x Mr. Universe with a beer belly.

There are so many different ways now to get a 6-pack that people advertise. Countless programs and promises are made, but sometimes yield no result. Switch up your ab workout and try the one that Calum on top of the bodybuilding world.

Think you can keep up with Mr. Universe’s ab routine? Follow what Calum does in the video and see how long you last!

Calum Von Moger Workout: Leg Destruction

Leg day… a cuss word to some or a joyful word to others.

No mater your answer working out legs is essential to gaining mass and preparing yourself for any competition.

Need a change in your leg workout routine? Not getting the results you want or just sick of doing the same thing over and over again?

Follow the Calum Von Moger Workout for legs and see if you are able to walk afterwards!


Does Mr. Universe Do Cardio?

To do cardio or not do cardio? That is always the question.

From my research the Calum Von Moger workout includes… NO CARDIO.

Despite not doing any formal cardiovascular exercises Calum does “a lot of walking daily” to strengthen his body.

Calum Von Moger on a bike
Photo via Facebook

The only times that Callum does cardio is when is he preparing for a show.

When Calum does cardio there is no messing around though. On top of his current workouts, he will do cardio 5 times a week in order to shred down for a show.

Calum says this about his cardio workout, “I’ll do two times fasted and three times a week normal cardio, using a combo of the treadmill and incline walking intervals.”

Could Mr. Universe leave you in the dust?

Building Von Moger: 6 Week Mass Program

Calum Von Moger has released an absolutely 6-week program that is designed to help you gain mass and take steps to have the strength of a Mr. Universe.

This deal comes with a complete training program, nutrition guide, and supplement guide.

This is a quick introduction to the program which gives you a little insight on your trainer Calum, and what to expect out of the program

Breaking Down the Program

In 6 weeks you will experience what it is like to LIVE like Calum, GROW like Calum, and TRAIN like Calum.

Each day for the 6 weeks has a very specific workout that you should complete. In order to get gains like Mr. Universe, you have to be willing to put in the time. When doing these workouts generally plan for 1 and a half to 2 hours.

Every day you will train certain muscle groups from many different angles.

For example, the first week is as follows

  • Day 1 – Back
  • Day 2 – Chest
  • Day 3 – Quads
  • Day 4 – Hamstrings and Calves
  • Day 5 – Arms and Abs
  • Day 6 – Shoulders and Calves
  • Day 7 – Rest

After the week is over you will attack the same muscle groups again with different workouts Calum gives you.

Calum Von Moger Exercise
Photo via Facebook

What Does the First Day Have For You?

Let’s go into one of the workouts and see exactly what you will be doing to follow Calum in gaining mass and strength.

In the 1st day of this program, Calum will have you attack the back.

  • Superset
    • Machine Row
      • 4 sets of 10-15 reps
    • Cable Pull-Over
      • 4 sets of 10-15 reps
  • Machine Low Row
    • 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • Machine High Row
    • 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • Close-Grip Lat Pull-Down
    • 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • Machine Single-Arm Lat Pull
    • 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • Back Extension
    • 2 sets of 15 reps

Want more? Click here to get access to every day of the 6-week program and get muscle mass now.

Calum Von Moger Back Workout
Photo via Facebook

A and B Weeks

Within the 6-week program Callum breaks up weeks into A and B weeks.

“A weeks” are weeks 1, 3, and 5. They are designed to put a massive amount of stress on your muscles that you are working. To do this, Calum has you rep around 10-15 during these sets.

“B weeks” are weeks 2, 4, and 6 and they are supposed to help your body gain strength. Besides the exercises, one of the main differences between the weeks is the amount of reps you do. During “B week” exercises, you will rep around 8-12 times.

By alternating between these weeks you will be able to gain muscle mass and strength at the same time throughout this program. 


While resting between days at the gym, Calum offers you a free 5 episode series called, “Building Von Moger”

Each episode is around 16 minutes and shows Calum living the American dream in his Australian way and shredding workouts at the gym.

Take time and relax as you watch Callum shred at the famous Venice Gold’s Gym, feed a camel out of a bottle, and live the life of a 3x Mr. Universe champion.

Sneak a peak at episode one now!

How Do I Get Started?

First, you must adopt Calum’s training philosophy of, “Rome wasn’t built in a day; it takes time, patience and consistency.”

This workout program will take some time to complete every day, but the results will show to those who put in the work.

Calum Von Moger Workout Buddy
Photo via Facebook

The Road to Mr. Universe: The Ultimate Guide

These workouts not enough? Want to know even more about what it takes to be Mr. Universe?

Lucky for you Calum Von Moger has released a complete guide in becoming a 3x Mr. Universe. 

This guide that he has released is the ULTIMATE guide to everything Calum.

The Ebook, “The Road to Mr. Universe: Training and Nutrition Success Guide” includes…

  • Over 25 Different Workouts.
  • On-Season/Off-Season Nutrition Plans.
  • Philosophy on Nutrition.
  • Every Detail of His Physical Training.
  • Calum’s Mental Approach to Lifting.
  • Years of Calum’s Bodybuilding Knowledge.
  • Complete Supplement List.
  • How to Adopt a Winning Mindset.

Calum Van Moger Road To Mr. Universe Ebook

This is what Luke Wood, an Aussie bodybuilder, said about this guide,

“This ebook is nothing short of excellent! It flows so well from one topic to the next and what I like most about it is that it reflects you. People won’t be getting some bullsh-t, out there, far fetched or unrealistic training guide… they are getting your view and what has worked for you.” (Luke Wood to Calum Von Moger)

The people love it. Luke Wood loves it. Mr. Universe loves it.

Now you will love it.

This program is very versatile and can meet the needs of lifters who want to bulk, lose weight, or even tone for a competition.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the ebook now!


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