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The Complete Calum Von Moger Diet Guide

While at the gym you never hear, “Hey bro, how many macros do you eat a day and have you heard of the Calum Von Moger Diet?”

It just never happens.

Yet knowing what food to eat on your lifting journey is ESSENTIAL to reaching any of your goals. Many lifters even plateau (no progression) in their workout programs, because they are not eating the right kind of food.

In order to become a 3x Mr. Universe, Calum had to be a master of food.

Lucky for you we have tracked down all of his different diets and eating habits all in one place! You will know what the beast eats while trying to tone or bulk, how he preps his food, and how to make his famous muscle burgers all right here!

But don’t forget that a good workout is also super important if you are looking for gains. Check out our article on Calum Von Moger Workout

The Calum Von Moger Diet: Why Are Diets Important?

Before getting into an extensive dieting program it is important to know why you are getting into it and if that one is going to help you reach your goals.

Diets are staples in bodybuilding, because

  • It is one of the most important factor for muscle growth.
  • Your body burns carbs during workouts.
  • Many people today get either too much or too little protein in their diet.
  • Some lifters lack the nutritional knowledge to eat right for gains.
  • Helps give the correct ratios of the macronutrients (Proteins, Fats, Carbs)

There are many more reasons why diets are so important, but these are just some of the more important ones. This is one of the reasons why Calum Von Moger spends time thinking and developing dieting plans.

Calum Von Moger Diet Muscle Burgers
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What am I getting into?

Depending on the diet you could be spending hours doing meal prep for the week, or be eating McDonalds.

Diets typically consist of a schedule of what you should eat and when you should eat it. For Calum Von Moger and his goals, his diets typically consists of 5-6 meals so he can get the needed carbs and proteins for his body spread throughout the day.

The diets that you will learn about in this article will all be for Calum Von Moger and will be geared towards bodybuilders.

You will know by the end of this article how Calum can eat Haagen-Dazs ice cream, McDonalds, and In-N-Out Burger and still maintain his Mr. Universe physique.

Calum Von Moger Diet Groceries
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Is This the Right Diet for Me?

This question is easily answered with another question.

What are your goals?

If you have a goal to lose tons of weight, the Calum Von Moger diet is not for you. Reason being, because of the high amount of calories that you eat.

Now if you are looking to gain mass and weight then you are in the right place! Calum Von Moger diets are packed full of protein, carbs, and fats that will help you maximize your gains.

It isn’t enough to lift like a beast. You have to eat like a one too!


6 Week Mass Program: Calum Von Moger Diet

The free 6 Week Mass Program that Calum Von Moger offers comes with a small guide to nutrition.

It breaks it down into the numbers way and the Calum way, but we are just going to focus on the Calum way here.

The Calum Way

Calum’s four word philosophy for eating is simply, “Eat Protein. Eat Carbs.”

The Calum way entails that you don’t count the exact amount of carbs and proteins that you have. Simply eat 5-6 moderately sized meals a day that follow the general guidelines that he lays out.

  • Prioritize protein.

    • Especially protein that comes from animals (chicken, beef, etc.)
  • Supplement smartly.
  • Eat 5-6 meals.
  • Build around the classics

    • Chicken/beef/pork and rice
    • Fish/Ground meat and rice
    • Eggs/Yogurt and oatmeal
    • Meat and Potatoes/Vegtables
    • Protein Shakes
Calum Von Moger Diet Shopping
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Off-Season Calum Von Moger Diet

Gains. Gains. Gains.

That’s what you will get when you follow the off season diet of Calum Von Moger.

Calum does like to mix things up with his dieting so at different times he will substitute different foods. All of this is in line with his goals.

Calum Von Moger’s off-season diet includes…

  • Meal 1: 4 eggs, glass of milk, banana, 3 scoops ice cream, tbsp honey, 2 scoops protein powder all blended in a smoothie. Bowl coco-pops or fruit loops etc
  • Meal 2: 1 cup white rice/pasta with chicken/tuna/beef
  • Meal 3: same as meal 2
  • Meal 4: same as meal 2
  • Meal 5: steak, mash potato, salad
  • Meal 6: oats & milk OR Nutella & toast with a protein shake
  • Drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day
  • Cheat meals include: pizza, hamburgers, fish & chips, chocolate and McDonald’s

Note that all of these days when he is eating this tremendous amount of food that he is exercising hardcore in the gym. This helps him bulk in the off-season, but not gain straight fat.

Calum Von Moger Diet McDonalds
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Meal Preps with the Calum Von Moger Diet

Meal prep, perhaps one of the most boring and tedious tasks, but an easier way to stick to a diet.

Calum has released a video that gives his tips and tricks to have the most effective meal prep time. In the Calum Von Moger diet there will be heaps of food that is involved. Meal prep can be an effective way to cut down time making food throughout the week and cook in bulk.

Learn how to spend more time shredding in the gym instead of cooking in the kitchen straight from Calum!

Muscle Burgers For Your Muscles

If you follow Calum Von Moger at all then you will be aware of his famous muscle burgers.

These burgers are packed with carbs and protein that can help meet the high amount of macronutrients that one needs to bulk up. Try having one of these for a meal and see if the muscle burgers live up to their name!

Muscle burger ingredients

  • 2.2 pounds of beef
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup of breadcrumbs
  • 1 onion
  • Seasoning
  • Salt

Usually served with rice, carrots, beans, and pineapple.

Follow along as Calum shows you how to make muscle burgers!

The Ultimate Guide to the Calum Von Moger Diet

Calum knew that we all would be itching for more than just a sample week of what he eats to become Mr. Universe.

That is why he has offered anybody and everybody an opportunity to experience his full off season and on season nutrition plans.

All of this and more is available in his ebook, “The Road to Mr. Universe: Training and Nutrition Success Guide”

Calum has packed years of bodybuilding knowledge in to this ebook and now you have the chance to learn from it. You can’t become as successful as Calum Von Moger in the bodybuilding world without mastering dieting.

Calum Van Moger Road To Mr. Universe Ebook

Is this Ebook for me?

If you are looking to get gains like Calum Von Moger or just want to learn more about how to get toned, bulk up, or stay lean this ebook is for you.

It comes with so much more than just the nutrition guides including

  • 25 Different Workouts
  • Mr. Universe Training Splits
  • Contest-level Tips and Tricks
  • Complete Supplement List
  • and Much More!

So what are you waiting for? Download now!


  1. m hussain

    really impressive about the diet and meal routine of colum and i have been following this from past 2 months and and i face lot of digestive problem, please advise me if there is way to digest the food normally and should not a constipation problem also:..

    1. Amy Posey
      Amy Posey

      You could look into taking digestive enzymes to help you digest your food better, or even a probiotic could help 🙂

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