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Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Ben's Website: //www.bentrained.com/

Ben is a writer, fitness coach, entrepreneur, and founder of BENTRAINED. As a former chubster, Ben’s been fighting the chub for years. He transformed himself from a food loving fat kid into a food loving fitness professional—losing fat, gaining muscle, and most importantly boosting confidence. Ben believes that when you transform your body, you’ll transform your life. That’s exactly what happened to him. And now he helps others do the same.

Simplifying the fitness world, Ben helps everyone from athletes, body builders, and world record-holding powerlifters to average Joes and Janes. His coaching focuses on achieving optimal performance both in the gym and in life. To Ben, living a life full of strength, health, and fitness while enjoying the day-to-day and your favorite foods isn’t simply possible, it’s the goal. Don’t live to train, train to live.

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