The AskFitnessCoach Team

The Expert—AskFitnessCoach Creator Skyler Meine, CPT

Skyler has a degree in exercise science, tons of nutrition knowledge, his very own fitness and weight loss coaching studio, and an ingenious company—IdealShape—that helps people achieve their ideal mind and body balance. He has an athletic background and a big heart, and is passionate about using his expertise to help others achieve goals they never thought possible. He is married with two little boys. Not to mention he’s a die hard college sports fan and flag football enthusiast!

The Experiment—Ryan Sullivan

Ryan is the real deal. Everything he knows, he learned by way of experiment. One year ago Ryan embarked on a life-changing fitness journey. His weight had become an almost insurmountable challenge and he decided he was tired of it: he wanted to be out having fun with his wife and two sons, not sitting on the sidelines. So, with Skyler at his side, Ryan made the decision to get in shape—and today has lost over 100 pounds. Tune in as Ryan continues to fly past fitness milestones, sharing his hard-won advice, inspiring all, and making you laugh ’til it hurts.

The Researcher—Chelsea Bush

Chelsea is the wild child of AskFitnessCoach. She has a degree in English, an insatiable curiosity, British wit and a big mouth—making her the perfect gal to dish on today’s fitness trends and dispel outrageous myths. She’s one of those twisted people who actually enjoys exercising, so she skips around from yoga and pilates to ballroom dancing, to interval cardio and strength training, to hiking, cycling and—the biggest workout of all—keeping up with her boxer puppy, Greta.

The Apprentice—Victoria Ball

Victoria is an exercise enthusiast, who is constantly searching to improve her own well being and share her discoveries with everyone. She grew up moving frequently and the only constant in her life was ballet. It provided solace and comfort in times of uncertainty. Over the years she, like most women, has struggled to be confident in herself, but has realized there is more to being healthy than being a size 0.

So how can you take advantage of four times the fitness advice, opinions and experience for free? Just tune in daily. All we ask… that you leave a comment and share your tips, too!

Your One-Stop Resource for Expert Fitness Advice

Do you want to slim down, tone up, lift heavier, run faster, double your energy and triple your self-confidence? Look no further. AskFitnessCoach is your one-stop resource for ultimate health and fitness. Where else can you find a team of fitness experts excited to answer your questions for free?

Why We’re Here

We’re three people with different fitness backgrounds and one common goal: to share our passion and knowledge with you. We’ve discovered how much being in “good shape” can literally transform your qualify of life. People have helped us get here, and now we’re giving back.

Whether you’re here to learn about cardio, weight lifting, nutrition, supplements, building muscle, losing weight, general wellness or lifelong health, we’ll help you piece together your own personal fitness program. One based on solid principles and practices you’ll actually want to stick with.

What Makes Us Different

We don’t want to see you waste a dime—or precious gym time—on programs and products that don’t work. At AskFitnessCoach, it’s all about quality. We’ve spent years getting to the bottom of the fitness industry, researching and rolling up our sleeves to find out what works and what doesn’t. We’ll never recommend something that is unhealthy or that we wouldn’t use. We are proof that you can get the body you want and keep it in a healthy way. It all comes down to understanding the way the human body works. And we do.

What Should You Ask?

We’re ready to get our hands dirty with just about anything that will help you achieve better health, fitness and wellness. We debunk myths, admit all of our workout secrets, share our trials and hope that our readers keeping doing so, too. Everyone is at a different stage in their fitness journey, so no question is too simple or too complicated. Is there something you’ve been wondering about? Want us to try something before you do? Go ahead, ask us! Here’s how:

  1. Click on ‘Ask a Question’ at the top of the page and ask away!
  2. Pose your question as a comment on any post and we’ll get to work!
  3. Email us direct at askfitnesscoach@gmail.com.

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