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  1. Sarah

    I’m in my twenties and I lost a lot of muscle because I used to fast a lot during health issues ..
    I wanna get bulky fast !! My I dea of fast means 1 month maybe
    Can I please be guided to the program that would work for me .
    And I have a question : does protien shake make my muscle appeare more ( my brother had a very toned arm in a 2 weeks because of protien shake ) if so would it get my muscles tight cause I’m suffering from cellulite and the only way to get rid of it is buy switching all the fat into muscle . Hope you replay soon , thank you for your time

    1. admin

      Protein shakes are a good place to start when wanting to build muscle. Also, do some strength training and metabolic workouts. You can check out our 12 week shape up challenge on our website if you haven’t already seen it. Follow that workout and you will most definitely get toned!

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