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  1. Deb

    Chelsea, I just got back from grocery shopping – wish I’d read your post before I went! Actually, I know this stuff but have a hard time resisting the flavors I grew up with. I guess I’m hoping the preservatives will preserve me too!

    1. Chelsea Bush

      It’s true – “no bacon, hot dogs, sausages, salami or processed deli meats” is a tall order. As long as we can be occasionally weirded out so we eat a little less of it, I think we’ll be in good shape. 🙂

  2. Harrison

    4 x 6 lunch meat! After I read that I had to measure the nasty stack of pink processed sandwich slices; you were pretty close. The recession has hit my family hard and especially in the food department. My mom only buys that kind of meat. I hope this article is enough to convince her that a few cents is not worth the risk.

  3. Veronica Prigmore

    The old packed lunch meat sandwich in a brown paper bag meal was the highlight of my school career. Before reading this article, I just ate a hot dog for dinner – that’s ironic. Process meat is bad for our health, but many of us don’t realize the long term effects it has. As a child, I always made hot dogs and bologna sandwiches. I knew there was some consequences eating it, but I did not know there are more health risk involved. It is disappointing that these meaty pink rectangles are being served in schools and at home to children. School foods and grocery stores are traps for processed meats. My grandparents always bought deli meats because it was easy for a child to make. Eating sliced mystery meat sandwiches has been in my family for decades. The food industry does not care about the health effects it has on people. They just want your money. Eating deli meat long term can have health effects over time is true. Most people in the middle and lower class eat processed meats because it is more affordable. Therefore, people who grew up eating processed meats may have health issues later. I believe most of us will have a higher health risk because deli meat is one of the popular food choices in our childhood. My theory is that the food industry is sectioning off certain income classes to get more money out of them. From my past experiences, in neighborhoods with lower income levels there are more convenient stores and Save-A-Lots which sell mostly processed meats. Organic food stores are hard to come by in these areas because the location is always in the rich neighborhoods. Organic food is too expensive for someone with lower income. This issue needs to be brought to the public’s attention and exposed to the FDA.

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