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Unhappy With Your Reflection? 4 Ways to Improve Your Self Image

When you look in the mirror, what’s the first thing your eyes focus on?  For most people, our eyes jump to scrutinize our biggest insecurities first.

This heartwarming video shows how our image of ourselves is so skewed.

Have you felt like the people in this video?

This is the body you have for life!  Aren’t you tired of hating it?

Imagine if you accepted your body today.  Think of everything that would be different.

You could go to that pool party.  You could go swimsuit shopping without crying in the dressing room.  You could look in the mirror and be happy.

Life would be so different!

You’re reading this article, so I know you want to change your perspective of yourself.  If you’ve spent a long time being unhappy with yourself, it can take time to undo your way of thinking.  Here are 4 ways to start changing your thinking so you can improve your self image and love yourself more.

1. Switch Up Your Perspective

You have one perspective of yourself.  The only view you ever get is from behind the mirror.  (And even that is not fair because you’re likely focusing on the negative, rather than seeing the whole picture).

You don’t see yourself with love in your eyes as you hold a child for the first time.

You don’t see the gleam of determination in your face when you are working towards a goal.

You don’t see the happiness you exude when you’re laughing.

You get such a disadvantaged perspective, standing behind the mirror, where the only reflection you see is the disheartening image of you judging yourself.

Mirror Warning: don't let your self image get distorted

The world gets a way better view of you.

The rest of the world gets to see you as the whole package.  They get to see you for who you are, all the moments that you beautiful.

Try to see that in yourself.  Next time you look in the mirror, try to see yourself how others see you.  Instead of picking apart your flaws, look at the beauty you have.

If this is too hard, ask for help!  Ask someone you trust, a partner or close friend, to tell you how they see you.

As in this video, you may be surprised about all of the parts of you that others find beautiful.

2. Spend Time Scrutinizing Your Assets

When you look in the mirror, what’s the first thing your eyes focus on?  For most people, our eyes jump to scrutinize our biggest insecurities first.

Have you noticed that?

Do your eyes go habitually to your thighs and overlook that stunning smile you have?  Why do you use the mirror only to scrutinize the parts you worry about and overlook everything else.

Start checking out your best features!  Do you have beautiful eyes?  Take a minute to appreciate them!  Do you love the way your skin glows?  Look at that!  Try to spend more time in the mirror appreciating the things you love, rather than skipping over all the good and jumping straight to what you don’t love.

3. Change How You See Others

If you are in the mindset of appearance obsession, you likely are not just scrutinizing yourself, but others as well.

When people pass you by, STOP judging them by their appearance.

For good or bad.

If the first thing you’re always assessing in others is their physical appearance, you’re reinforcing the idea that physical appearance is what matters.

Instead of thinking:

  • That girl has such perfect arms.
  • Ew, why is she wearing yoga pants?!
  • Wow, her waist is so tiny.


When you see others, stop just overanalyzing their physical appearance.  Try to look beyond the physical and see people for who they actually are.  Even in a fleeting moment, you can usually get at least a glimpse into a person beyond just their outer layer- if you’re looking for it.

Try looking at others and thinking things like:

  • “She looks really happy.”
  • “Wow, that waitress is so patient!”
  • “That teacher is so nurturing to those kids.”

When you see others as more than just a body to be judged, you can see yourself that way too.

4. Appreciate Your Body for What it Can Do

This is the number one thing that can change your image of yourself.  Your body is capable of so much more than looking hot.

Your body is amazing!  You can be out in absurd temperatures with no water, and your body has mechanisms to cool itself down.  Your body can heal it’s self from cuts and even broken bones!  Your body is constantly working to allow you to survive.  It’s pretty incredible all that your body can do.

How often do you stop and think about that?

At this moment, trillions of cells are working together to keep you alive….and you’re mad that you don’t have a middle line down your stomach?!

I don’t blame you for thinking this way.  We are trained to.  Marketers get stupid rich by adjusting our brains to objectify and scrutinize ourselves.

But what if you spent just a bit more time appreciating your body for what it can do, rather than thinking of it as an aesthetic decoration to be looked at and perfected.

This is the attitude that changed my life!  I was a body obsessed girl who viewed my body for what it looked like, rather than what it could do.  Then I started rock climbing.  It was exhilarating and fun!  I climbed not to burn calories, but because it made me feel alive.  Over time, my arms got leaner and my shoulders toned up.  But for once I realized I didn’t need cut arms to look good in a tank top- I needed them to carry me up the side of a mountain!  I finally loved my body for what it could do, not just what it looked like.

Rock Climbing

Every girl deserves to feel this appreciation for her body.  Find an activity that you love, that makes you come to life!  Appreciate your body for all the function it has.

It’s a process, but over time, you can change your perspective of yourself.

Don’t let the mirror lie to you anymore.

  •  Remember that your view is so limited- you are not seeing the full picture of yourself.
  • Spend time looking at your beautiful qualities, and realize that what you see as “flaws” maybe are not actually flaws.
  • Stop judging others for just the way they look.
  • Appreciate your body for all it can do.

Loving yourself is a process, and it may not happen overnight.  But follow these steps to start changing the way you view yourself.

This is the body you have for life, you deserve to be happy in it!



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  2. Stacey Lapira

    I’m just not happy with my imagine. I have a bad relationship with food. Im obsessed with my weight! Have no figure at all. And live that life of instahappy when really I have a poor life outside. Simply embarrassed.

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